Talk, Interviews, Discussion on Loudspeaker

Special Products
Axel Ridtahler: The RiPol, a dipol subwoofer.

Practical advice for setting up your cabinets
Dr. Peter Straßacker: Where best to place a subwoofer?
Dr. Peter Straßacker: speaker cable - what to keep in mind?
Dr. Peter Straßacker: Placement Of Home Cinema Speakers
Dr. Peter Straßacker: How close may a loudspeaker be placed to a wall?

Cabinet Assembly
Torsten Bätz: How to build the front cover for a cabinet.
Torsten Bätz: How to build a loudspeaker cabinet .
Dennis Frank: loudspeaker cabinets, part II.
Dr. Peter Straßacker: How to build a baffle with countersunk drivers
Dr. Peter Straßacker: How to dampen a loudspeaker cabinet

Advice for selecting your speakers
Gerd Lommersum: Subwoofers with top sound quality .
Gerd Lommersum: Dipolar Speakers and Room Acoustics.

Development hints
Gerd Lommersum: Flat, superficial sound?.
Gerd Lommersum: Problem: Harsh tops.
Dr. Peter Straßacker: Bass tuning using the Thiele and Small parameters
Dr. Peter Straßacker: Crossover design and listening room conditions.

Dr. Joseph D'Appolito: What is important for DIY.
Dr. Joseph D'Appolito: Two speaker in parallel.
Dr. Joseph D'Appolito: Diffraction.
Dr. Peter Straßacker: Control over the driver diaphragm and how high should the amplifier's damping factor be?