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Harsh Tops

Gerd Lommersum Gerd Lommersum,
Vifa Germany representative
Adviser to many manufacturers
Gerd Lommersum developed many fine speakers, like: Quintadena 1, MPR 2 MXT, MPR 2 DAP-XT, Lagrange XT, Pascal ...

Problem: Harsh tops
Gerd Lommersum
interviewed by Peter Strassacker (7/2004)

Gerd, please tell us, after designing or buying a loudspeaker that reproduces harsh tops, what can be done?

There are two possible causes:

1) the tweeter is to loud Remedy: Fitting a voltage divider before the tweeter for level attenuation. (I have an Excel file to determine resistance values, a fixed table for 4, 6 and 8 Ohm is also OK).

We've got a Calculator too.

2) The tweeter sounds harsh and aggressive (rather in the lower frequency range of the tweeter) Remedy: Reduce the value of the capacitor before the tweeter by 20 - 30% (when using a 18dB/octave filter the first capacitor).

Thanks very much, Gerd.

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