Calculator for Resistance Divider (Level Adjustment)

Level calculator Damping with 1 decimal
Please enter decimal separator as "."
Speaker impedance: Ohm
Damping: dB
Series resistance Rs: Ohm Parallel resistance Rp: Ohm
Power calculator Please choose resistors with adequate power.
Total power:
see note *)
Watt this is the load of the speaker plus the resistors.
Power of Rs: Watt That's the load of the series resistance
Power of Rp: Watt That's the load of the parallel resistance
Speaker power handling: Watt That's the actual load of the speaker
Note *): the total power handling indicated is the power handling of the individual driver plus the resistors of the the loudspeaker. Using a tweeter with a 12 dB crossover at 3 kHz this could be 10% of the loudspeaker handling.
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The resistance divider is designed in such a way that it possesses the same impedance at the input as the loudspeaker. This ensures that the cut-off frequency of the crossover shifts as little as possible. Ideally, when the the loudspeaker impedance is equal to the rated impedance, there is no crossover frequency shift at all.

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