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Mivoc SB 25 JM

Mivoc SB 25 JM The Mivoc SB 25 JM, also called TL 25 JM is a transmission line loudspeaker that was designed to commemorate Mivoc's 25th anniversary. The kit's price is a real bargain.

The 2 way transmission line speakers shows the following characteristics:
- dimensions (HxWxD): 105 x 22 x 37.5 cm
- impedance: 4 Ohm
- power handling: 140 continuous / 200 Watt programme
- frequency range(-3dB): 30 - 25 000 Hz

The kit consists of a Neodym HGH 258 FN tweeter and two WPT 138, one used as midrange / bass driver and the other one used as bass driver.

All necessary components (drivers, finished crossover, damping material, screws, terminal, cable, building instruction) are included with the exception of the cabinet.

Verdict by Hobby HiFi 6/2005

"Large loudspeakers that go for a song: here you go. Those who don't want or can't spend much money on a loudspeaker strike gold. But, even those who are prepared to spend a bit more might start contemplating whether this high quality anniversary kit might not be the right choice. Even at double the price we cannot think of another kit that comes close to the Mivoc."

Price Mivoc SB25JM per unit without cabinet: - not available

To further improve on this kit we suggest to use a higher quality crossover.

Kit extension: high end crossover

For those who want to experiment with the finished crossover we recommend to use the following additional components (according to lab results and recommendations by Hobby HiFi):
- 1.0 to 1.5 μF MKP capacitor (in parallel to the tweeter's capacitor)
- 2.2 Ohm resistor MOX 4 (added to the tweeters + wire)

With high-end crossover to be assembled

Mivoc SB 25 JM

The following crossover components need to be mounted on wood:
- 3.3 mH core coil
- 0.82 mH air core coil, 1.4 mm
- 0,47 mH air core coil, 1 mm
- Mundorf MCAP 4.7 μF / 400V
- 2x 15 μF ELCO non-etched
- 33 μF ELCO non-etched
- MOX4 resistor, 1 Ohm (brown-black-gold)
- MOX4 resistor, 2.2 Ohm (red-red-gold)
- MOX4 resistor, 3.3 Ohm (orange-orange-gold)
- 6.8 Ohm/20 Watt resistor

Price high-end crossover kit for Mivoc SB25JM
per unit EUR 82,30 excl. VAT: € 69.16 / $ 74.69

Important: This is only the kit to built up the crossover. In addition you need the kit for the loudspeaker!

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