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Sub 10-150, Low Bass Subwoofer - amazingly compact.
One of the best subwoofers in its size   how to design a top-class subwoofer

technical data:
- Power: 150 Watt sinus/270 Watt music
- Frequency response (-8dB): from 28 Hz
  (upper crossover frequency adjustable)
- max. sound pressure (1m): 107 dB
- Size (HxWxD): 40 x 32 x 35 cm
- Impedance: 4 Ohm

More and more customers are asking for a subwoofer where the cone's oscillation is controlled perfectly, reproducing a low bass and mountable in a small cabinet.

These requirements led to the following concept:
Bass driver with a very strong magnet and a very stiff and rigid cone, ensuring a controlled oscillation. A unique low bass control is added. The subwoofer is then combined with an amplification module with a very high power output. Sub10

The Alcone AC 10 SW4 bass drivers is deployed in the Sub 10-150. The driver is manufactured to the highest standards, ensuring first class control over the cone through their strong magnets.

The AC 10 SW4 bass driver consists of: Sub 10, bottom view
- a seamless aluminium-sandwich cone,
- an exemplary designed die cast basket,
- ventilated magent system,
- extremely strong drive Qts = 0,22,
- gold plated push-pull terminals

Particularly the strong drive combined with the low bass tuning, turn out a sound quality which is generally only possible with larger sized cabinets. The principle of low tuned subwoofers with extremely strong drive are at the moment being adapted by manufacturers of finished loudspeakers.

The RCM Detonation DT 150, amplifier module is located at the rear of the cabinet. The module features state-of-the-art Class D amplification ensuring enormous power output with top quality sound, fitted in a small cabinet.
Detonation DT 150
Frequency range The frequency range (left hand) with a separation frequency of the amplifier module of 100 Hz (blue) and 60 Hz (red)

The kit contains:
- 1 x Alcone AC 10 SW4 bass driver
- 1 x Detonation DT 150 amplifier module
- 2 x bass reflex tubes HP70, pointing downwards
- 8 Allen wood screws 5x30mm
- 12 wood screws Pan 4x20
- 1/2 x mat needle felt NF 10
- 6 cable fasteners
- sealing tape
- building instructions


Sub 10-150 kit (without cabinet)   - not available

Building instructions Sub 10-150
the Sub 10 with 80 W amplifier module