Visaton Subwoofer SUB T-20.39 XS

The SUB W-20.39 XS is a subwoofer with TIW 200 XS 8 Ohm bass driver.


Sub W20.39 The Sub T-20.39 shows the following characteristics:

Technical data:

the cabinet

The SUB T-20.39 consists of:

Order No. str-84xx,   Price for one subwoofer kit (without amplifier and without cabinet): EUR 234,00 excl. VAT: € 196.64 / $ 210.40

For amplification we recommend different amplifiers. And we sell it with amplifier without terminal (no longer needed) and without damping material:

Kit SUB W-20.39 with amplifier module Mivoc AM80 MK II

Mivoc AM 80 technical data of Mivoc AM 80:
- output: 80/160 Watt into 4 Ohm
- cut-off frequency: adjustable 50-150 Hz, 12 db/oct

Subwoofer module Mivoc AM 80 is a module with gain control, cut-off frequency control and phase inversion switch. RCA sockets (to connect to pre-amp out) and binding posts (to connect to the main amp) are available. The satellites may be looped through the module. Required cut-out see description of the module.

Order No. str-8418-am80,   Price for one subwoofer kit with amplifier AM80 (without cabinet):   EUR 207,00 excl. VAT: € 173.95 / $ 186.13

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