Amplifier modules by: Anaview Audaphon Detonation Hypex Hypex Fusion Mivoc Monacor Visaton

Amplifier modules and amplifiers

In order to drive single loudspeaker drivers adequately, active modules (amplifier modules) are often being employed. Just give us your requirements and we'll give you some tips. Very common are amplifier modules for subwoofers that can be connected to an existing hi-fi / surround sound systems without exhausting the power of this system. Further explanations.

- all amplifiers, extremely reliable modules with excellent price / performance ratio
- Hypex, very modern modules, may also be used in professional and PA applications
- Mivoc, excellent price / performance ratio, lots of power
- Monacor, amplifiers for monitor speakers and PA, as well as subwoofer modules
- upon request we'll supply SAC modules