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Test Tone CD by HiFish

HiFish Audio Test-CD
Audio test CD for loudspeaker and room acoustic measuring. The CD contains 99 test tracks, among them:
Sine waves from 20 Hz to 20 kHz
1/3 step noise 0.1-12.5 kHz
10 different octave band noise
29 different 1/3 band noise
Your CD player turns into a high quality signal generator, hence an affordable measuring tool.

HiFish Audio Test-CD ACD   Price EUR 15,00 excl. VAT: € 12.61 / $ 13.61

Loudspeaker Test CD by HiFish

HiFish Hörtest-CD Music Test CD with 74 minutes and 17 test tracks. Among them:
Charly Antolini: Crash
Ichu: Toyos
Ichu: Leno Verde
Lenny Mac Dowell: Bouree
Isla Eckinger: Quotation
Monty Alexander: Griff and Me
Ray Brown: Blues for Groundhog
Ray Brown: Put your Little Foot Right Out another 9 tracks......

HiFish Hörtest CD   Price EUR 15,00 excl. VAT: € 12.61 / $ 13.61

AudioCad ECNC 8.0

DOS based loudspeaker design software, but also runs under Windows Win 3.11, Win 95, 98, Win Me, Win NT and XP. The handbook and free demo version maybe downloaded from

AudioCad ECNC 8.0 (Enhanced Crossover Network Construction), the successor to AudioCad Pro 8.0, is designed to suit the taste of hobbyists and developers alike (a VISATON database is included). Basically all calculation and simulation tools for designing loudspeakers and crossover networks are included. Although the software is equipped with extensive controls, the DOS based GUI is no longer up to scratch. However, AudioCad belongs - beside Waldo-SW - to the top league of professional software and that at a reasonable price.

AudioCAD ECNC 8.0: Price EUR 26,00 excl. VAT: € 21.85 / $ 23.60

Loudspeaker SW LSP CAD

The professional version of the shareware programme to lspCAD lite. The lite version my be downloaded from our server.

LspCAD provides calculation features for:
- impulse response
- aggregated frequency response
- impedance curve
- run time difference (group delay)
- crossover diagram
- filter characteristics
- the frequency response at different angles
- area chart thereof
- phase response of individual drivers

LspCAD, Order No. lsp-1384606,   Price EUR 252,00 excl. VAT: € 211.76 / $ 228.71

LspCAD Pro, he professional version with crossover simulation
With this software the crossover may be simulated by using a PC*; there is, therefore, no need to design and build up the crossover before hand. Just one driver (tweeter, midrange or bass driver) of either left or right (amplifier*) channel may be selected using a sound card*.

* PC, sound card and amplifier not included

Price LspCAD Professional EUR 1003,00 excl. VAT: € 842.86 / $ 910.29