HDMI® Accessories

Premium HDMI Micro Adapter

This HDMI adapter allows mobile devices, such as cameras with a micro HDMI connector, to be linked up to a TV using a standard HDMI cable. With gold-plated contacts.


Price per unit   (Order No. in-0045218) EUR 15,20 excl. VAT: € 12.77 / $ 14.82 Premium HDMI Micro Adapter, HDMI (f) <> Micro HDMI (m), black

Premium HDMI Angle Adapter 360°

This premium HDMI adapter can be bent in any direction you wish. It is ideal for connecting an HDMI cable in narrow spaces, for example behind an LED-TV on the wall, or other components. With gold-plated contacts.


Price per unit   (Order No. in-0045217) EUR 15,30 excl. VAT: € 12.86 / $ 14.91 Premium HDMI Angle Adapter, Rotatable around two axis; 2 x 180°, black

Premium HDMI® <> DVI Adapter

The Premium HDMI <-> DVI adapters can bundle cables and components with DVI standard in HDMI chains. With gold-plated contacts. DVI-D (m) -> HDMI (f) or HDMI (m) -> DVI-D (f).


Order No. Version Colour Price
in-0083241 HDMI (f)>DVI-D (w) black   EUR 35,30 excl. VAT: € 29.66 / $ 34.41


Premium HDMI® Double Coupling 90°

Compact HDMI angle adapter with 24c gold plated contacts. Male <-> Female
  • HDM (f) <-> HDMI (m)
  • 90° angled


Price per unit   (Order No. in-0090201002) EUR 11,90 excl. VAT: € 10.00 / $ 11.60 Premium HDMI® Double Coupling 90°, HDMI (f) <-> HDMI (m), black