PA Kit D2544-D10

Technical data:
- Nominal power handling: 300 Watt
- Impedance: 8 Ohm
- Nominal SPL (2.83V/1m): 98 dB
- Maximum SPL (peak/1m) 125 dB
- Frequency range (-8dB): 55-21.000kHz
- Crossover frequency 2300 Hz
- Size (HxWxD): 56,5 x 30 x 31 cm
D2544-D10 The purpose of this project was to design a PA loudspeaker that sounded good enough even for high-end home cinema systems. First we experimented with a small Eminence LH 170 F Horn. The result wasn't satisfactory. There were considerable anomalies in the lower frequency range, independent of the driver used.

Therefore, we decided to use the RCF Horn H100.

This horn was then combined with an Eminence Delta 10 bass driver. Care had to be taken to separate this bass driver from the tweeter by using two capacitors. Distinct distortion develops from approx. 100 Watts onwards since the voice coil leaves the linear range; However, this is quite advantageous for home cinema considering that a comparable hi-fi speaker needs a 1000 Watt amplifier to produce the same volume.

Frequency response

The following frequency response was measured with a calibrated Clio microphone. The cabinet was not damped (for PA speakers that's common). For hi-fi we recommend some napped foam for the rear wall and 1 pack of damping fleece.
Both drivers are in phase (the intersection of both lines is approx. 6 dB below the total frequency curve); a bit annoying - but still in line with hi-fi requirements - is the Delta 10's small unevenness at 2.7 kHz.

Measured at an angle below 30 degrees the volume above 15 kHz is approx. 10 dB lower.

The cabinet

The cabinet consists of 19 mm boards; it's easy to build since all panels are fitted in a right angle. The bass reflex port may be countersunk slightly.

The crossover components should be mounted on a wooden board and then fitted in empty space. The terminal should be mounted on the rear panel of the cabinet.

For hi-fi we recommend in addition to the napped foam 1 1/2 bags of damping fleece per speaker.

The crossover

he crossover consists of high quality components (foil capacitors, air core coils and one i-point core coil.

Our kit

The D2544-D10 Kit consists of:
- 1 x RCF Horn H100
- with D2544/16 Ohm driver
- 1 Eminence Delta 10 bass driver
- 1 x Speakon NL4-MPR connector
- 1/2 sealing tape
- 1/2 mat napped foam N25
  (for the rear wall)
- 8 x Allen screws 5 x 30 mm
- 12 x PAN screws 3.5 x 17 mm
- metre cable 2 x 1.5 mm2
- building instruction

  and for the crossover,
  to be mounted on wood:
- protection element 0.9 A
- high power handling i-point core coil
- air core coil 0.27 mH / 1.0 mm
- 10 uF MKT capacitor
- 3.3 uF MKT capacitor
- 33.3 uF MKP/400V capacitor
- 15 uF MKP/400V capacitor
- 1.8 Ohm, 20 Watt
- 10 Ohm, 20 Watt

Price per unit without cabinet and wood:   EUR 394,00 excl. VAT: € 331.09 / $ 357.58

Hint: upon request we also supply - instead of Speakon connector - a terminal with 2 gold plated brass binding posts at no additional charge.

If you prefer to mount the crossover components on a Cu PCB instead on wood:
Price for PCB 205 x 140 mm EUR 11,80 excl. VAT: € 9.92 / $ 10.71