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PA (DJ store for Disco, your home disco, dancing ...)
DIY speaker kits:
1+12 inch speaker:
efficiency D2544-K12
with 10 inch woofer: D2544-D10
1.4/2 + 2x12 inch speaker:
efficiency D3672-2-K12
1.x+15 inch speaker:
efficiency DE25-15B450  
efficiency D3672-15B450  
Orwell 2.x + 2x15 inch speaker:
efficiency Hotan  
efficiency Hotan  
sound quality Hotan  
Horn systems:
efficiency Cube Top (only German)
18 Zoll Subwoofer 18 inch subwoofer:
performance Cube Sub (only German)
efficiency Scoop 18  
...very small systems
...powerfull sat-systems
...bigger Fullrage systems
...3-way systems
EM152-Sub Basshorn EMH152-Sub
18s  B&C  Beyma  BMS  Celestion  Ciare  Eminence  Faital PRO  img  Oberton  RCF  Selenium 
Crossovers   Inductors  Capacitors  Resistors 
Fittings (Edges, Handholds...)  Cable  Books (German) 
Miscellaneous:     Connectors velcro tape Case lining material
Brands:       Adam Hall   Monacor

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