Party Loudspeaker Kit EM8 B

Price per unit without cabinet: EUR 274,00 excl. VAT: € 230.25 / $ 246.37

Technical data:
power handling: 200 Watts RMS
frequency range (-3 dB):
  80 resp. 160 - 20000 Hz
crossover frequency: 3500 Hz
impedance: 8 Ohm
size (HxWxD): 50 x 26 x 22 cm
designer: Dennis Frank

EM 8 Beta The 2 way speaker EM-8B was developed for every day use in party rooms, small discos and everywhere where small speakers with high sound pressure level are needed. The kit may be used for::

a) Closed miniature speakers (just big enough to fit the drivers); but then a subwoofer up to 150 Hz is needed (picture left and right).

b) Bass reflex speakers with 15 litre volume and two bass reflex tubes. Frequency range is from 65 Hz. (The speakers is slightly taller than pictured since two bass reflex tubes are beneath the bass driver). EM 8 Beta

Dennis Frank succeeded quite well in designing a loudspeaker kit that offers an excellent sound and consists of affordable components.

The frequency response

Considering the price this speakers shows an astonishingly flat frequency response. The EAPT 150 tweeter is a perfect fit for this speaker. Just the top frequency range is slightly boosted, otherwise the speakers sounds really great.
EM 8 Beta

The kit contains

- Eminence Beta-8 driver
- EAPT 150 high frequency horn
- small spring loaded terminals
- a PCB for the crossover
- 2 metre cable
- 20 screws, black
- 2 x high performance bass reflex tubes HP 70

- air core coil 1.0 mH, 1.3 mm diameter
- air core coil 0.39 mH, 0.7 mm diameter
- MKT foil-capacitor 10 uF/160V
- MKP foil-capacitor 1,5 uF/400V
- MKP foil-capacitor 3.9 uF/400V
- protection element SE 110 for the tweeter
EM 8 B

The Cabinet

das Gehäuse
It's up to you to use either of the following:

a) Any type of small closed
cabinet, just big enough to
accommodate the drivers.

b)A bass reflex cabinet with
14 to 16 litre volume,
like pictured on the left.

Price per unit (without cabinet) EUR 274,00 excl. VAT: € 230.25 / $ 246.37

The Crossover

The crossover kit come with high quality components; the building instruction is included.

The crossover components:
L4=1 mH, C4 = 10 uF ELCO un-etched, R4 to be bridged, S1 is the protection element, R6 to be bridged,
L7 = 0.39 mH, C6 = 1.5 uF, C7 = 3.9 uF, .7 to be bridged and C8, R8 remains free.