Calculator for Bass Reflex (Vented) Cabinet

Bass Reflex Cabinet
(Vented Cabinet) according to Hoge
Internal volume with one decimal
Please enter decimal separator as "."
------------------------------ Driver ------------------------------- -------- Bass Reflex Tube --------
Resonance Frequency
fs in Hz:
Equivalent volume of compliance
Vas in litre:
Driver's total Q factor Qts: Diameter
in cm: *)
No of Tubes:*)
Cabinet volume in litres:
Cut-off frequency f3 (-3dB) in Hz:
Cut-off frequency f8 (-8dB) in Hz:
Efficiency in dB (1W/1m):
*) Please note:
The bass reflex tube should have at least 1/3 of the driver's diameter to prevent singing noise
(for two tubes , for 3 tubes 1/5, for four 1/6). .
Length of bass reflex tube(s) in cm
Diameter of bass reflex tube(s) in cm
No of bass reflex tubes
Total area of bass reflex tube(s) in cm2
This set-up provides the highest precision and a flat frequency response (according to Hoge)
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Total Q factor Qts correction
Resistors, cables or a coils that are being used to connect a loudspeaker show a DC resistance. This DC resistance has an influence on total Q facto Qts and, therefore, needs to be considered. The following calculator makes it a little bit easier for you; the result is automatically entered into to calculator at the top.

Qts Correction Calculator
Q factor Qes, Qms to be entered with two decimals
Please enter decimal separators as "."
------------------------------ Driver ------------------------------- ----- Crossover, cable -----
Electrical Q factor Qes: Mechanical Q factor Qms: DC resistance Re: Coil's DC resistance R ... in Ohm:
Qts old of the driver only:
  Qts new with cable, coil, ...:
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