Reversed D'Appolito Crossover Calculator

d'Appolito Calculator
This calculator was developed to help our customers to turn a D'Appolito loudspeaker (1 tweeter + 2 bass drivers in parallel) into a standard 2 way system (1 tweeter + 1 bass driver).

Now the question arises: how to change the crossover?

Regarding the bass driver:

That part of the crossover that used to serve the two bass drivers previously needs to be changed as follows:
- The coils' inductance needs to be doubled
- the capacitors' capacitance needs to be halved
- the resistance values need to be doubled

Please bear in mind:
the coils may have a wire diameter that is 30% smaller
the resistors may have half the load-carrying ability or more

Regarding the tweeter:

That part that serves the tweeter remains unchanged with regard to coils and capacitors.

However, the output of the tweeter needs to be decreased by 6 dB. To achieve this the resistors have to adapted. The picture below shows on the left how the tweeter and resistors should look like using two bass drivers (please enter 9999 when no Rp is available, if there is no Rs please enter 0) and on the right how it should look like with one bass driver. Just enter the impedance of the loudspeaker and the values of the two resistors on the left and click calculate.

2 way D'Appolito
with 2 bass drivers
D'Appolito Level Calculator
High Frequency Circuit
2 way loudspeaker with
one bass driver
Impedance of tweeter:
Please enter decimal separators as "."
Serial resistance Rs: Ohm Serial resistance Rs: Ohm
Parallel resistance Rp: Ohm Parallel resistance Rp: Ohm
Damping: dB Notes regarding the result: Damping: dB
Total impedance: Ohm Total impedance: Ohm
further hint: please choose a resistor with adequate load-carrying ability.
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