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Sub 40 with DSP - an extremely dry bass.
extremely clean sounding high-end subwoofer with a lot of features

Technical data:
- power output: 500/800 Watt continuous/programme
- frequency range (-8dB): from 40 Hz (or lower)
  upper cut-off frequency adjustable,
- maximum SPL (1m): 119 dB at 50 Hz)
- size (HxWxD): 1360 x 320 x 430 mm
- Speaker type: bass reflex, 140 litre
Sub 40

There are any customers that prefer a subwoofer with some sort of boomy bass, without perfect bass control and a bass that shakes every fixture in the listening room.

An uncompromisingly precise bass just doesn't go that low and is also - according to the design - a bit softer compared to big performers (the law of physics cannot be ignored).

For those types of customers we have two solutions:

Two subwoofers in one

Additionally, the Sub 40 has another remarkable feature:
Should you want to have a small subwoofer with deep and low bass, then this model may be turned into a bass reflex subwoofer within a few hours using the parts supplied and changed back into its original state within minutes.

The Sub 40 is designed in such a way that it may be used as a bass reflex subwoofer with 4 rear bass reflex tubes (distance to the rear wall minimum 10 cm) or as closed subwoofer with extremely precise bass (without bass reflex tubes or the ports are covered with foam).

It obviously makes sense to use an amplifier boasting state-of-the-art electronics. For example an amplifier with a digital sound processor (DSP), like the Hypex Fusion amplifiers, giving you full control over wanted and unwanted room resonance.

The Sub 40 employs Alcone AC 10 SW4, drivers with aluminium sandwich diaphragms, showing an excellent finish and allowing - due to their medium strength magnets - tight control over the diaphragms but are also just adequate for sealed cabinets.

Hypex Fusion FA 501

The Alcone AC 10 SW4 features:

The really strong drive system is rather special. Applying a low tuning, this driver produces a sound that one would expect only from a much larger cabinet. This new concept of low tuned subwoofers combined with a strong drive system is just gaining acceptance in the high-end finished speaker market.

On the rear side you'll notice the Hypex Fusion FA 501 amplifier module with DSP, giving you full control over the frequency response (pictured above right).

Below you'll find three totally different applications for using this subwoofer:


A) The blue frequency response curve shows the bass reflex subwoofer, also representing the highest efficiency (with 85 Hz as upper cut-off frequency).

B) The red frequency response curve shows the closed cabinet subwoofer that may tuned

C) using the parametric equaliser to the settings as marked in green (HP=20 Hz/24dB, TP=85 Hz/12 dB, Level=3dB, EQ1 = 20Hz/1/+6dB, EQ2 = 45Hz/1/-3dB, EQ3 = 75Hz/1/-3dB).

It's clearly noticeable that the subwoofer shows totally different sound characteristics according to the setting chosen. All three sound characteristics have their own appeal according to room conditions. Their properties we have listed below.

Properties Variation A) Variation B) Variation C)
Maximum volume /1m at 40Hz 119 dB 105 dB 105 dB
Bass tightness less tight very tight tight
Precision still precise very precise precise
Bass medium low medium low very low
Diaphragm excursion low high very high

Our service

If required we'll supply the subwoofer module tuned to your listening room: We require, however, the following information:
- an accurate drawing of your listening room
- the exact listening position
- the exact location of your loudspeakers and your subwoofer.

The kit contains:

- 3 x Alcone AC 10 SW8 bass drivers
- a Hypex Fusion amplifier module FA501
- 6 bass reflex tubes HP70, to be mounted at the rear
- 6 packs polyester fleece
- 32 Allen wood screws 4x25mm
- 8 wood screws Pan 3,5x17
- sealing tape
- building instruction

Loudspeaker kit Sub 40 (without cabinet)   - not available