Omnes Audio Amplifier Modules

Omnes Audio is a brand offering high quality products at attractive prices. The range of products is quite diverse:

Explaining the functions of a subwoofer amplifier.

Omnes Audio Amplifier Modules with DSP

DPC 12
DPC 12
DPC 12
Rear view, from right to left:
- On/Off switch (also with standby)
- jack for 12V power supply
- RS 232 plug for connecting a computer
- 4 RCA inputs, looping the stereo signal
    to the subwoofer main amp.
- or 4 banana plugs (from loudspeaker), to be used, if your amp doesn't have a
    pre-amp out.

Digital pre-amp DBC 12 with digital signal processor (DSP)

The DBC 12 is a Digital Bass Control system. It combines crossover, equaliser, delay and level control for lower frequencies. It's the perfect device for adjusting your subwoofer exactly to room conditions, to adjust the bass boost and to adjust the crossover filters to the satellites (12, 24 or 36 dB).

- Extension of an existing system where this unit links to a subwoofer amplifier. Or you might still have a stereo or mono amp for your subwoofer standing around, but no crossover. The DBC 12 is perfectly suited for this.

Do you want to integrate subwoofers using top quality main amps or PA amps? – This is the ideal crossover.

Included is:
- The DSP crossover with digital display (aluminium housing)
- the infrared remote control
- Software for programming the DSP
- serial cable for loading the programme.

You still need:
- a power supply with 12 V DC, 500 mA, stabilised (see below)
- and a standard 9V battery for the remote (see above)
- RCA cable to connect the subwoofer amplifier.

Omnes Audio DPC 12 subwoofer pre-amp - not available
Omnes Audio DPC 12 subwoofer pre-amp / stereo
(separate channels for left/right for 2 Subs in stereo)
- not available
matching power supply with 12V=, 500 mA, stabilised: - not available
Standard 9V battery for the remote control EUR 3,67 excl. VAT: € 3.08 / $ 3.24
if you don't have a serial port available in your PC: USB adapter - not available