ViaBlue Spikes


TRI Absorber

Product description:
ViaBlue™ TRI absorbers receive vibrations from vibrating bodies like speakers (such as diaphragms) and devices (such as transformers and reduces them. Through a high pressure concentrated on three minimum points (peaks), maximum pressure is built up as a connection point between vibrating bodies and their base. Through the extreme pressure points, the vibrations are eliminated. This leads to vibration absorption.
The functional principle of the TRI Absorber is broken down into three task areas: 1.) reception of vibrations, 2.) concentration of the vibrations received/gathered on three pressure points, 3.) deflection of the absorbed vibrations on the base.
Vibrations are received through the vibration reception disk. The vibrations, gathered on three especially hardened spikes (peaks), are transferred via the integrated master disk. The excess pressure creates a maximum of three pressure points. The vibrations are eliminated. In this way, the vibrations of speakers and devices are not transmitted to furnishings and buildings and do not cause any static noise.
A total of 4 absorbers per set are included in delivery. One TRI absorber consists of: a threaded grounding component, a rotary disk of adjustable height, three steel-hardened spikes (peaks), and a hardened master disk incorporated in a vibration reception disk. Absorbers are used, for example, for acoustic decoupling of the speaker cases from the base. In this way, feedback is avoided. Clean acoustics from the speaker are thereby ensured. The bass is not transferred to furnishings and buildings but can develop freely in the room.
Technical specifications:
  • Basic height: 15 mm
  • Height adjustments: 1 mm | 2 mm
  • Max diameter: 30 mm
  • Max load capacity: 200 KG / set
  • Number of total parts: 28 pieces

Price for 4 pcs   (Order No. vib-50150) - not available Colour: black / gold
Price for 4 pcs   (Order No. vib-50165) EUR 72,90 excl. VAT: € 61.26 / $ 65.55 Colour: black / silver

HS Replacement discs

Product description:
HS spikes come inclusive discs. HS replacement discs are spare parts only.
Technical specifications:
  • Basic height: 2.1 mm
  • Max diameter: 11 mm
  • Max load capacity: 100 KG / disc
  • Number of total parts: 4 pieces

Price for 4 pcs   (Order No. vib-50220) EUR 7,69 excl. VAT: € 6.46 / $ 6.91 Colour: black
Price for 4 pcs   (Order No. vib-50225) - not available Colour: gold
Price for 4 pcs   (Order No. vib-50230) - not available Colour: silver

Thread sticks

Product description:
ViaBlue™ QTC and HS spikes include M6 thread sticks. Optionally other types with thread sizes M4, M8, M10, M12 and M6/"-20 UNC are available. Spikes can be installed easily by using the right thread type fitting to your speaker's build in threads.
Technical specifications:
  • Basic height: 15 mm
  • Max diameter: M4 to M12
  • Max load: 200 KG / set
  • Colour: black

Price for 4 pcs   (Order No. vib-50134) EUR 7,69 excl. VAT: € 6.46 / $ 6.91 Thread: M6/M4
Price for 4 pcs   (Order No. vib-50135) EUR 7,69 excl. VAT: € 6.46 / $ 6.91 Thread: M6/M8
Price for 4 pcs   (Order No. vib-50136) EUR 7,69 excl. VAT: € 6.46 / $ 6.91 Thread: M6/M10
Price for 4 pcs   (Order No. vib-50137) EUR 7,69 excl. VAT: € 6.46 / $ 6.91 Thread: M6/M12
Price for 4 pcs   (Order No. vib-50140) EUR 7,69 excl. VAT: € 6.46 / $ 6.91 Thread: M6/"-20 UNC

Product description:
ViaBlue™ XS adapters F jack to F jack are used for extending cables. High-end internal contacts of the ViaBlue™ XS adapter series guarantee absolutely low resistance transmissions of audio and video signals. The contact surfaces are 24 karat gold-plated.
The ViaBlue™ XS series provides adapters for both audio and video devices. XS adapters help to organize a professional cable management.
Technical specifications:
  • Outter diameter: 12 mm (black cube)
  • Finishing: 24 Karat Gold plated
  • Total length: 42.2 mm
  • Contact: F type norm

Price per pair   (Order No. vib-40880) EUR 23,89 excl. VAT: € 20.08 / $ 21.48