Calculator for Transmissionline Cabinet

Transmissionline Cabinet
(TML Cabinet)
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------------------------------ Driver ------------------------------- ---------- Cabinet ----------
Resonance frequency
fs in Hz:
Effective piston radiating area
Sd in cm2:
Fitting depth
in cm
Width of cabinet
inside in cm
the classic tuning 3)
Cabinet height: h = cm
Depth behind driver: a = cm
Depth at TML port: c = cm
Depth at base: b = cm
Length of TML duct: LTML = cm
low tuning is also often used 4)
low tuning: h = cm
Length of TML duct: LTML = cm
1) Half of transmissionline is to be filled with damping material (damping fleece or nap foam, yellow in the picture).
2) Therefore, the velocity of speed in the TML duct drops by 20% to approx. 272 m/s.
3) classic: the unfold length is 1/4 of the resonance frequency's wave length.
4) low tuned: the unfold length is 1/3 of the resonance frequency's wave length.
  This often causes the cabinet to be too high, the TML is then folded once more.
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