Lsp CAD Lite by Ingemar Johansson: Speaker Unit 1.51

The input form for loudspeaker data has the following entry fields:
Please enter all data starting from the left top going down per column.
Leave all fields empty in case you don't know the values.

The AC 12 SW 8 as an example:
We entered the values for Sd, Vas, Qms, Qes, Pmax, Re, Le, fs, Xmax using the data from our Web Site.
The remaining values will be entered by the programme.

If you don't know the voice coil inductance LE please enter
- for a midrange driver 1 mH,
- for a 20 cm bass driver 2 mH
- for a 30 cm bass driver 3 mH
For PA speakers half the value should be entered; the simulation results will be quite good.

The buttons:
Keep Crosscalc switched-on (the remaining values will then be calculated)
Double Voice Coil should be activated, if the driver has 2 voice coils.

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