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Clio 12 with FW-02 USB interface

The CLIO SYSTEM Depending on the hardware options that have been purchased, the CLIO system consists of the following components:

Clio Pocket 2.0

Audiomatica delivers Electro-Acoustical Multi-Platform Personal measurement system Enlarge CLIO Pocket is Audiomatica's new Electro-Acoustical Multi-Platform Personal measurement system.

The system comes complete of the CLIO Pocket software (Windows and OSX native), the CLIO CP-01 Audio Interface hardware, and accessories.

The CLIO CP-01 Audio Interface uses an USB 2.0 connection for maximum portability and compatibility with current and future computer hardware architectures.

CLIO Pocket is a powerful, rugged and lightweight portable measurement system.

Inside the box you find:

  • The CP-01 Audio Interface
  • The CLIO Pocket CD with software and drivers
  • The Microphone MIC-02
  • One USB 2.0 cable
  • One RCA to RCA 2.7m long microphone cable
  • One RCA to alligators impedance cable


  • General purpose system response analyzer in the audio band Amplitude, frequency and time calibrated response
  • Chirp length: 16384, 65536 points
  • Impulse length range: 1.36s down to 170ms
  • Frequency range: 10Hz to 45kHz
  • Frequency response units: dBV, dBu, dBRel, dBSPL
  • Impedance response units: Ohm
  • Frequency and time simultaneous display, analysis and post-processing
  • Frequency smoothing (1/48 to 1 fraction of octave)
  • Phase response (Normal, Minimum and Excess)
  • Auto-Capture Delay with manual interactive fine-tuning
  • Group Delay response (Normal, Minimum and Excess)
  • Time Impulse response
  • Distortion measurement (only V2.0)
  • Step response
  • Schroeder impulse decay
  • Energy Time Curve
  • Quasi-Anechoic acoustic response with time window selection
  • Time window: Rectangular or Auto-Half Hann tuned to impulse max
  • Continuous loop measurements for easy interactive tuning of systems
  • AutoStore to Overlay function to track up to 10 curves on screen
  • Math processing: Add file
  • Math processing: Divide by file
  • Math processing: Merge High and Low frequency response
  • Math processing: dB Shift
  • Math processing: MIB (Microphone In the Box) technique
  • Save Impulse time data to wav file
  • Export ASCII data to file or clipboard to be imported in simulation software


- Export Graphic data to file or clipboard for easy reporting FFT AND RTA ANALYSIS - Narrow-band FFT analyzer - FFT size: 4096, 16384, 65536 points - Acquisition range: 1.36s down to 42ms - Frequency range: 10Hz to 45kHz - Measurement units: dBV, dBu, dBRel, dBSPL - Time window: Rectangular, Hanning, Hamming, Bartlett, FlatTop - Average: linear to target count or continuously exponential - Average count: 1 to 9999 - Continue average function to add next linear count - Max or Min hold function - Frequency and time simultaneous display and analysis - Frequency smoothing (1/48 to 1 fraction of octave) - Real-Time fraction-of-octave analyzer (RTA) - RTA bands: 1/3 or 1/6 octave - Event trigger with programmable delay and threshold - OneShot event trigger function - Save acquired time data to wav file - Export ASCII data to file or clipboard - Export Graphic data to file or clipboard for easy reporting


- Dedicated Generator Panel with on-the-fly controls - Plays standard wave files - Highly optimized waveform calculator - Waveform: Sinusoid, FFT-bin optimized, bursted and tapered - Waveform: Two Sinusoids with relative amplitudes - Waveform: CEA burst with cycles control, FFT-bin optimized and tapered - Waveform: White noise - Waveform: Chirp, Lin or Log, up to 256k size and start and stop frequencies - Waveform: Pink noise, FFT matched, pseudorandom, low crest factor - Waveform: All Tones, FFT matched, low crest factor - Dedicated main window surface with output controls - All controls speeded up by hot keys - Direct 3-digit input of output level - Button control for 1dB or 0.1dB steps INPUT MULTIMETER AND CONTROLS - Free-running Voltmeter and Sound Level Meter with bar graph - Measurement units: V, dBV, dBr, dBSPL - Integration: Slow, Fast, Impulse - Filter: A-Weight - Voltage reading range: from few V to 100V RMS - THD reading: % and dB - Frequency reading with 0.1Hz resolution - Direct measurement of microphone sensitivity - Direct measurement of reference voltage - Interactive L-C-R meter - Measured components: Resistors, Capacitors, Inductors - Dedicated main window surface with input controls


- All controls speeded up by hot keys - Button control input sensitivity in 10dB steps - Input-Output Loop button - Input polarity inversion - Input gain autorange - Microphone power supply


- Decay analysis with 3-D gesture-controlled swiveling graph - Multiple windows allowed for easy comparison - Analyzes Log Chirp Impulse response or FFT time data - Classical Cumulative Spectral Decay for loudspeakers characterization - Frequency smoothing (1/48 to 1 fraction of octave) - Reference operation - Fully configurable frequency, time and amplitude axis - Number of spectra: 15 to 120


- Interactive Control Panel to simplify operation - Free Air parameters - Added Mass or Known Volume methods for full parameters estimation - Direct measurement of ReDC - Multiple windows allowed for easy comparison


- Software operates native under Windows or OSX - Touch and gesture compliant software design - Hardware relies on dedicated USB driver - Ultra stable, glitch-free, streaming operation - Self-calibration with comparison to Audiomatica Labs calibration conditions - Stored calibration parameters trace international standards - Assistance warning in case of any component run out of spec with time - Security warning in case of any unauthorized parameter change


The CLIO CP-01 audio interface running the CLIO Pocket software can be installed in any personal computer with the following system specs: - Pentium IV class processor (suggested minimum 2GHz) - One free USB 2.0 port - 1024x786 video adapter - Microsoft Windows (XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1) or Apple Mac OSX (10.5 to 10.10).

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