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The Shelf Speaker

Belaja with Accuton drivers

The shelf speaker is smaller than the floorstanding one; the term "shelf" is not justified because this type of speaker is not necessarily placed on a shelf. Shelf speakers should ideally be placed about 70 cm from the side wall and between 30 cm and 50 cm from the rear wall, so that a sound stage with width and depth develops. We stock shelf speaker kits from all major driver manufacturers.

Accuton (Thiel und Partner)

Thiel & Partner knows to produce aluminiumoxyde cones

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Audaphon tweeter, ribbons and woofer feature an excellent price/performance ratio, e.g. Angara MK2.

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Founded in 1924, Celestion has grown to become one of the world's largest and most innovative manufacturers of loudspeakers. Especially the innovation in LF and compression drivers places Celestion at the heart of the professional sound reinforcement industry,

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Ciare is an Italian producer of chassis. Ciare produces chassis that satisfy different demands: CH 250 is a fullrange with very high efficiency.

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Eton produces loudspeakers with Hexacone sandwich cones.

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Excel is one of the Seas brands (see below), which are produced in Norway. They produce very hard cones made of magnesium.

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In DIY Fostex is known for fullrange drivers.

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Mivoc is well known for DIY kits with very good price performance ratio.

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Mission speakers are known for more than 30 years.

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Monacor International was founded in 1964 in Bremen, Germany, and has since grown to a company group operating worldwide. Their well-known brands offer an extensive range of products which includes 5,000 items from the most varying areas like PA technology, security technology, car HiFi, speaker technology, stage equipment and DJ equipment.

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Peerless was founded in Denmark in 1926. Peerless quickly became known as one of the foremost producers of speakers for the newly emerging radio market. Soon after with the advent of television, Peerless again led the way in sound quality. For over 80 years, Peerless has been designing and producing market leading components for the loudspeaker industry.

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Seas history starts in 1948. The owner of Radionette, Jan Wessel decided to start making loudspeaker units for his own production of radio sets. Seas is well known for producing speakers of high quality.

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Scan Speak

Founded in 1970, Scan-Speak still resides in Videbaek, Denmark. The acoustic engineers adhere to the legendary policy of "Never compromise". Scan-Speak never compromises on the product quality, sound quality or pursuit of perfection in a given application.

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Tang Band

In 1996, nestled against the foothills of Taipei City, Tang band Ltd. was born. Tang Band was created with one overriding goal in mind; to make innovative, high quality speaker drivers.

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Vifa Loudspeakers are renamed to Peerless.

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Visaton is a German loudspeaker manufacturer. With 30 years of experience in the field of acoustics and loudspeaker technology and a future oriented engagement in research and development, Visaton is nowadays a specialised and world wide successfully operating loudspeaker manufacturer.

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Wavecor is an innovative force in loudspeaker technology. High quality loudspeaker units for industry and personal customers (DIY) - for Hi-Fi stereo, multi media, home theater, pro, car applications, etc. Tweeters, midranges, fullranges, woofers, subwoofers. Evaluation kits. Complete car component sets. Complete OEM speaker system turnkey solutions for the industry, e.g. Angara MK2.

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The Magazine Hobby HiFi

Since this magazine is targeted at the DIY market, every edition features loudspeaker kits, indispensable information for the DIY community.

The Magazine Klang+Ton

This loudspeaker DIY publication has a longstanding tradition. For many decades top-quality kits have been featured and off course the extremely popular Cheap Tricks (CT).