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Dr. Peter Strassacker
Peter Strassacker

Speaker building newsletter August/September 2006
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How to build a baffle with countersunk drivers.

Over the last six weeks we received so many enquiries regarding the Temperance, featured in K+T 4/2006, and how to go about building the cabinet that we decided to publish the following article.

Newtronics Temperance - the cabinet / countersunk drivers

For the Temperance (no longer available), not only the original finished cabinet is available, but also the original building instruction some simpler plans with right-angled cabinet.

Additionally, we explain the building of the baffle, if you wish to mount the drivers countersunk.

A new loudspeaker magazine: ADM by Udo Wohlgemuth

ADM (Acoustic Design Magazine) is the name of a loudspeaker building magazine by Udo Wohlgemuth. The first issue was published in May 2006. The magazine is free of charge accessible over the Internet. It's really not necessary to talk about the author. For quite some time Udo Wohlgemuth has been an authority in the DIY scene and contributed a large number of kits. The first two issues of ADM alone featured 14 new kits, developed in Udo's lab (see below) and fully meeting the requirements of the customer regarding sound and price. One of the highlights of the July issue is the jack-of-all-trades Stra to, an extremely flexible loudspeaker system. Apart from the building suggestions, the illustrated building instructions that we already know from his time at K+T, are helping the novice and the the more advanced in putting their cabinets together. Easy to produce Tools, used e.g. for shaping and veneering of wood are completing the magazine's programme. ADM is spoiling all readers every odd month with a new issue. Under www.acoustic-design-magazin.de Udo Wohlgemuth offers his specialised knowledge using an easy and relaxed writing style, ensuring that nobody has to have a degree in electronic engineering or woodworking. With ADM there is no excuse any more to buy expensive finished speakers due to all fingers being thumbs.

We are complimenting Udo Wohlgemuth on his new magazine and we wish him a lot of success.

Loudspeaker Development

3 way floorstanding loudspeaker with 2 x 25 cm bass drivers - for larger listening rooms or as a bass problem solver

Cauchy 2 Cauchy 2Our customers wanted speakers with a high power handling. The result is Cauchy 2, a loudspeaker available in two versions. On the left, the version with 6 bass reflex ports on the front. For those who are not that fond of this design we also have a version with all ports on the rear (on the right). In the following description you'll find even a third version .... German: If you wish to have a lot of bass reserves ....

3 way floorstanding Cauchy 2 - named after the French mathematician Cauchy (pronounced "co'shi" )
For a brief look at the specs:
- Cauchy 2 description
- Cauchy 2 lab results
- Cauchy 2 building instruction
... and like with almost all new kits: an extremely tempting introductory offer

D3672-2-606, a 2 way high performance PA speaker with excellent sound

D3672-2-606 Are you aware of the high performance speaker D3300-2-606, a model that gives many of our customers a lot of pleasure? Unfortunately this speaker also hat its drawbacks: although the selenium tweeter is quite excellent when centred perfectly, it may also only mediocre results when less well centred. That prompted us to look for a solution. The Eighteensound 12MB 606 was now equipped with a new tweeter: the Oberton D3672. The horn remained the same.

The design was similar to the D3300-2-606 (old newsletter in German). However, the theory, that explains that large d'Appolito arrangements have to be designed with caution was extended by using a simulation calculator (German).

Here is the result: the new D3672-2-606

New kits featured in Hobby HiFi 5/2006
This magazine is available at any better newsagent in Germany for 4.50 EUR, resp. for 5.10/5.20 EUR outside Germany.

Faro in Hobby HiFi 5/06


Faro, a transmission line, floorstanding speaker with magnetostat and CSS bass driver

Sub AWM 12 as in Hobby HiFi 5/2006

Sub AWM 12

Sub AWM 12 - a subwoofer with the new Mivoc AWM 124; a subwoofer for low bass.

Dacapo as in Hobby HiFi 5/2006

Dacapo Tower/Satellite/Centre

Dacapo Tower - a speaker with highly efficient full range driver - or as satellite and centre

new kits featured in Klang+Ton 4/2006
This magazine is available at any better newsagent in Germany for 4.50 EUR, resp. 4.70 EUR outside Germany.

Temperance III as in Klang+Ton 4/06


Temperance III is a real jewel by Harald Hecken/Newtronics, also available as a finished speaker. It's plain and simple, possesses excellent omnidirectinal properties and is very popular with many of our customers.

Vettern as in K+T 4/2006

Vettern F.A.S.T.

Vettern F.A.S.T. a beautiful floorstanding speaker by akustik art, with Omnes Audio full range driver and Tangband bass driver.

Minium as in K+T 4/2006


Minium equipped with Jordan full range driver and two Visaton AL 130 for bass.

new kits featured in the online magazine ADM by Udo Wohlgemuth in May and July 2006
The magazine is published every odd month

Stra To as in ADM 7/2006

Stra To floorstanding loudspeaker

Stra To (Strassacker Tower) is a jack-of-all-trades floorstanding speaker, satellite and centre; pictured is the satellite on a pedestal. The speaker is equipped with an Alcone bass/midrange driver and an AC 15 dome tweeter, reminiscent of the Peerless WA 10, but with higher efficiency.

Stra To as in ADM 7/2006

Stra To floorstanding loudspeaker

Stra To - matching floorstanding speaker, consisting of shelf speaker and subwoofer base.

Firsttime 2 as in ADM 7/2006

Firsttime 2

Based on the CT 188 the Firsttime and Firsttime 2> were developed. Besides the transmission line, the range was complemented with a small satellite.

Nomex 203 as in ADM 7/2006

Nomex 203

Equipped with Gradient Air Motion Transformer plus Peerless midrange and bass driver, the Nomex 203, designed by Udo Wohlgemuth, is a reasonably priced kit, suitable also for high demanding classical music.

Mystery PA as in ADM 7/2006

Mystery PA (German Description)

With P.Audio Horn and bass driver, a bargain PA/hobby speaker. That's Mystery PA, a matching subwoofer is also available.

Cira as in ADM 7/2006


Ciare full range driver with Ciare 12 inch subwoofer; from that Udo Wohlgemuth made Cira.

Eton 2 U XXL as in ADM 7/2006

Eton 2 U XXL

The Eton ER4 Air Motion Transformer with 7 inch Hexagon bass driver - a classic loudspeaker, this time in 2.5 way design.
Firsttime as in ADM 5/2006

Firsttime 1

Firsttime 1, transmission line floorstanding speaker with Gradient tweeter and 2 bass drivers

Firsttime as in ADM 5/2006

Firsttime 1 - DB (twin bass)

Firsttime 1, shelf speaker with Gradient tweeter and 2 bass drivers

Firsttime as in ADM 5/2006

Firsttime 1 - CB (centre speaker)

Firsttime 1, centre with Gradient tweeter and bass drivers

Duetta as in ADM 5/2006


Duetta - designed by Udo Wohlgemuth after a series of tests - the well-tried version

MS Micro as in ADM 5/2006

MS Micro

MS Micro 2 way mini bass reflex speaker with excellent sound, containing the Seas drivers NOFERRO 800 TV (tweeter) and CA12RCY

MS Dappo4 as in ADM 5/2006

MS Dappo 4

MS Dappo 4: slim floorstanding speaker with Seas drivers in D'Appolito arrangement, containing the Seas NOFERRO 800 TV tweeter and two Seas CA12RCY bass/midrange drivers.

Daisy as in ADM 5/2006

Daisy (German Description)

Daisy: beautiful designer speaker with low physical depth, a full range driver and two bass drivers by Tangband.

Do you fancy a speaker design that is not listed?

Just send us an E-mail stating your requirements: peter@lautsprechershop.de

Special offers for new and obsolete speakers, amplifiers and subwoofers

Cauchy 2 Cauchy 2 - special offer valid until02/11/2009
High quality 3 way floorstanding speaker with outstanding bass: Cauchy 2. Containing a pair of high quality, front radiating 25 cm Alcone bass drivers per speaker. The kit is available at a limited special introductory price.

Special offer 3 way compact speaker Cauchy, per unit: - no longer available

VOX 252 Visaton kit VOX 252 (German description) - as long as stocks last
VOX 252 is a beautifully slim and nevertheless bass capable speaker with Visaton drivers (original Visaton kit)
Sprcial offer per pair without cabinet: - no longer available
Casablanca 3 Visaton kit Casablanca III (German description) - as long as stocks last
Casablanca 3 is a beautiful designer speaker (discontinued) with GF 200 bass driver and with fabric midrange and tweeter dome.
Special offer per pair without cabinet: - no longer available
Noblesse Visaton kit Noblesse (German description) - as long as stocks last
Noblesse is a mighty floorstanding speaker. The tweeter is surrounded by 2 AL 130 midrange drivers and 2 GF 200 bass drivers ensuring outstanding three-dimensionality.
Special offer per pair without cabinet: - no longer available

News from all over the world - digital subwoofer amplifiers by Omnes Audio

With immediate effect, Omnes Audio's digital subwoofer modules are available with DSP.

The model 400, a terrific module with high efficiency (due to digital design) and DSP is a breeze to set up.

The module contains:
- a remote control,
- a front panel
- the fitted amplifier module with RS-232 connection for your PC.

Available from us with immediate effect, at a special offer. Please inquire!

Omnes Audio

Exhibition report from the High End in Munich

Again, there was a lot to see and to listen to. And many visitors had their aha-experience, especially when they recognised certain drivers in high quality, finished floorstanders. At Joachim Gerhard's stand - previously C.E.O. of Audio Physic - the new big, floorstanding Sonic speakers with outstanding ribbon tweeter could be seen and auditioned. These ribbons are available from us as Audaphon ribbons.

If you are looking for a reasonably priced kit for these ribbons, we recommend our Nova 2 with CD2.0 ribbon. The Nova 2 underwent a sound test (German) only a short while ago.

Alcone Subwoofer: the best selling high-end DIY subwoofers

Alcone Subs Model   Size (HxWxD)
in cm  
from frequency
(-8 dB)  
max. SPL   recommended
room size/b>  
Sub 8S 34 x 26 x 38 60/100 W 34 Hz 104 dB 6-16 m2
Sub 8 *) 38 x 26 x 38 80/160 W 27 Hz 101 dB 5-10 m2
Sub 10S 41 x 32 x 37 150/300 W 33 Hz 106 dB 8-20 m2
.. +Slave 41 x 32 x 37 150/300 W 33 Hz 112 dB 25-50 m2
Sub 12 *) 50 x 38 x 39 300/600 W 24 Hz 111 dB 20-40 m2
Sub 12 DSP *) 50 x 38 x 39 360/460 W 24 Hz 111 dB 20-40 m2
Alcone Subs Sub 28 *) 64 x 26 x 38 150/300 W 27 Hz 109 dB 12-30 m2
Sub 22 *) 94 x 38 x 39 500/1000 W 24 Hz 116 dB 40-75 m2
Sub 22 DSP *) 94 x 38 x 39 360/460 W 24 Hz 115 dB 40-75 m2
Sub 40 DSP *) 136 x 32 x 43 500/800 W 40 Hz 105/119 dB 6-25/60-1202
Sub 42 DSP *) 184 x 38 x 39 1100/1700 W 23 Hz 122 dB 100-180 m2
  and the following with Alcone drivers with silver aluminium sandwich diaphragm
Alcone Subs Sub 8 ASW 34 x 26 x 38 60/120 W 58 Hz 100 dB 6-12 m2
Sub 10 ASW 48 x 38 x 38 60/120 W 30 Hz 104 dB 6-16 m2
Sub 10 48 x 38 x 38 90/180 W 30 Hz 104 dB 6-16 m2
Sub 20 85 x 35 x 45 150/300 W 27 Hz 111 dB 20-40 m2
*) Subwoofer with best control over the diaphragm ? best sound quality, slightly more low bass

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