Hypex NCore® Amplifier modules

NCore® Amplifier module NC400

Enlarge The astounding performance of Ncore technology is now available to DIY enthusiasts. The NC400 packs a feature set never before seen in a modular amplifier product.

The NC400 module's audio performance sets new standards, regardless of operating class or circuit technology. Distortion (THD and IMD) over the full audio and power range is negligible, typically below 0.0007%. Distortion at listening levels (1W) is unmeasurable. This amp adds neither dirt nor fairy dust.


  • All-discrete op amps with proven "real circuit" linearity well beyond that of the best IC's
  • On-board discrete voltage regulators for the buffer and comparator stages
  • DC coupled, differential input with high common-mode impedance
  • Extensive circuit protection with under/overvoltage sensing on all supply voltages
  • Gold-plated screw terminals for low-impedance connection and biwiring
  • Iconic industrial design
  • Milled aluminium base / heat spreader. Very low idling losses (4.5W) permit free-air cooling in most applications
  • Mounting options include bolting from panel into amplifier or from amplifier into panel
  • Transparent, fully discrete input circuitry
  • HxR style regulators on board
  • Differential inputs with high common-mode impedance
  • Overcurrent protection
  • Supply overvoltage/undervoltage protection on all rails


  • Active speakers and stand-alone power amplifiers

Key electrical data

  • Rated output power 400W/4ohm
  • HV bus voltage +/-35V to +/-72V
  • Small signal supply voltage +/-14.5V to +/-25V
  • Optional drive voltage: 16V to 25V referred to negative HV bus
  • Maximum output current: 24A

Key mechanical data

  • Diameter 88mm
  • Height 33mm
  • Weight 200g
  • 3+3 holes for bottom-up and top-down mounting



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