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Focal is back

Focal, the French manufacturer of high quality drivers had withdrawn from DIY at the end of the 90's. We succeeded in convincing Focal that their drivers operate at the highest level. As usual, the latest Focal drivers of the highest manufacturing and sound quality. There are already a few projects incorporating Focal drivers.

Esprit, a small, highly talented loudspeaker

Enlarge Christian Gather, the former editor of the magazine Klang+Ton designed the Esprit, a small shelf speaker, as a farewell gift for the readers. We are pleased to present this high-end kit for less than 300.00 Euro. We showed the kit at the High End in Munich and the response was positive throughout.

The loudspeaker is a small jack-of-all-trades, showing a convincing performance in Hi-Fi as well as home cinema. For home cinema we recommend to use this speaker together with a subwoofer.

Verdict by Klang+Ton: "Focal was and is (again) a real asset for the DIY market. And these radiators from France didn't lose their charm. Highly direct, rich in detail, airy, crisp and with lots of pace - all these characteristics turn the Esprit into a tremendously enjoyable speaker and show clearly that the Focal's credit has been well deserved" All the Esprit's drivers are listed on our Focal Internet page.

The technical data of the Esprit:

  • Impedance: 8 Ohm
  • Rated SPL (2.83V/1m): 82 dB
  • Size (H x W x D): 350 x 200 x 278 mm
  • Frequency range (-8dB): 35 - 21000 Hz
  • Crossover frequency: 1950 Hz
  • Speaker type: bass reflex cabinet

More informations on Esprit and our DIY-kit

Triga Neo Pro, the new reference by the magazine Hobby HiFi

Bernd Timmermanns, the editor of Hobby HiFi has been looking for a new reference. He created a 3-way system with Focal midrange and woofer and an Audaphon ribbon tweeter. The outcome is the new reference by Hobby HiFi. We agree with Bernd Timmermanns, this loudspeaker is a reference.

Enlarge With the Triga Neo Pro Bernd Timmermanns designed an excellent, well balanced loudspeaker with high power handling. We are going to introduce this loudspeaker to the interested audience at the HiFi-Music-World 2010 in Stuttgart. We hope the readers of Bernd Timmermanns' magazine will find the time to attend the Lautsprechershop's presentation of Triga Neo Pro.

The harmonic distortion of the reference loudspeaker is extremely low; the decay is excellent and the frequency response on axis hardly deviates from an ideal flat curve (ca. +/-1 dB @ 35-16000 Hz, only marginally ascending above). Considering the lab results the Triga Neo Pro is a real masterpiece.

The components:

For high frequencies Bernd Timmermanns chose the Audaphon Neo Pro 5i ribbon tweeter.

The magazine Hobby HiFi describes the Audaphon ribbon tweeter as follows: "In the uppermost high frequencies the ribbon concept shows qualities that cannot be matched by any other radiator design: up to 40 Kilohertz the sound reproduction is well balanced. Using an appropriately large design the ribbon is capable of extending these qualities to the lower high frequencies. The Audaphon Neo Pro 5i ribbon accomplishes this task currently better than all other tweeter models known to us. Moreover, the ribbon shows almost unbelievable omnidirectional radiation properties: even at an angle of 30 degrees the frequency response far above 20 Kilohertz is still well balanced."

For midrange and bass Focal drivers are employed. For midrange the Focal 6W 4361 with W-diaphragm and for bass the Focal 11 W 7670, with W-diaphragm that is coated with glass fibre laminate for optimum rigidity. The Hobby HiFi article also shows that by using a bass reflex design of 5th order (capacitor in the path to the woofer) the woofer decays quicker that by using a standard bass reflex design. As a result this design shows considerable advantages: enormous power handling, no wobbling of the diaphragm; precise and deep bass with little reverberation.

An excerpt from the Hobby HiFi review "It took considerable time until the Triga Neo Pro was run-in. Especially the bass took its time to get into top form. Then the relatively small three-way speaker demonstrated what a modern speaker design is capable of: on a bass foundation almost like concrete the Triga Neo Pro produced a phenomenally powerful, three-dimensional, almost tangible sound. Every musical detail revealed an intensity that we rarely have experienced. Whether it's a vigorous bass-baritone (Hans Theessink: Late Last Night) or a brilliant soprano (Sandrine Piau: Opera Arias by Mozart with the Freiburg Baroque Orchestra), these speakers reproduce vocals at any pitch with tremendous power and unbelievable attention to detail. This performance complemented by a spatial representation at reference level: the music wasn't just scattered over the room, the room itself became the object of the imaging. Without any effort the intimate atmosphere of a jazz club (Jazz at the Pawnshop) and likewise the vastness of a nave flooded by organ and saxophone (Antiphone Blues) was opened up. Even though the Triga Neo Pro feels at home with any type of music: sensational is the reproduction of spicy and powerful funk (James Morrison: Scream Machine). Each fibre is full of exploding energy and intensity. The selected volume setting is not necessarily the reason for this performance: even at moderate volume they radiate joy. Off we go all the more, when the volume control is cranked up: there was no holding them. Irrespective of the volume, all drivers - not only the woofer - don't seem to have any dynamic limitation ."

Verdict by Hobby HiFi "The Triga Neo Pro's reproduction is as powerful and dynamic as you would wish for and at the same time subtle, with great attention to detail and superb three-dimensionality. Ans physically the speaker is not that big. But then bristling with concentrated and perfectly tuned technology and rising above physical appearance. A splendid project.

The technical data of the Triga Neo Pro:

  • impedance: 4 Ohm
  • rated SPL (2.83V/1m): 89 dB
  • size (HxWxD): 1050 x 320 x 413 mm
  • frequency range (-8dB): 29 - 45000 Hz
  • crossover frequencies: 180;2000 Hz
  • speaker type: bass reflex cabinet

More informations on Triga Neo Pro and our DIY-kit

Wavecor and DIY

Wavecor drivers lost their insider's tip status quite some time ago. The Lautsprechershop is currently working on new kits for HiFi and home cinema. Small shelf speaker, slim and elegant floorstanders as well as small and larger subwoofers are in the pipeline. Have a look at the new Wavecor drivers on our Web Site.

For our home cinema enthusiasts we have system kits, i.e. a range of loudspeakers that are interchangeable in home cinema systems. Thus, home cinema and good sound are no longer contradictory in terms.

The first of the new Wavecor releases is the WF168WA01 midrange driver. As part of the Kama kit published in Klang+Ton 04/2010 the driver shows its capabilities.

Wavecor and Ciare in the Kama kit

The Kama is a small shelf loudspeaker with high efficiency and excellent omni-directional sound and without annoying resonance.

For high frequencies a tweeter with one inch titanium dome is used. Contrary to other manufacturers the exaggeration of the metal dome is not controlled by a diffuser in front of the diaphragm, but by an attenuation behind the diaphragm.

For bass and midrange a Wavecor WF 168 WA01 midrange/woofer is being used, showing a well balanced and linear frequency response up to 2000 Hz.

The crossover separates with 12 dB/octave foe low frequencies and with 18 dB/octave for high frequencies.

The technical data of the Kama:

  • impedance: 4 Ohm
  • rated SPL (2,83V/1m): 88 dB
  • size (HxWxD): 400 x 220 x 300 mm
  • frequency range (-8dB): 40 - 22000 Hz
  • crossover frequency: 2300 Hz
  • speaker type: bass reflex cabinet

An excerpt from the Klang+Ton review:

... "The aggressive tuning results in a cracking bass with substance and attack. Depending on room size and closeness of walls this could be an overkill - in this case one should dampen or even cover the bass reflex port. The unobtrusive tuning of the mid frequencies results in an excellent vocal discrimination and precise positioning - as it is the music is completely detached from the speakers. Vocals are beautifully resolved and possess sufficient body besides all scragginess. The metal dome still sounds - with all due respect - like a metal dome; the crossover is certainly a contributor. This, however, only refers to the positive characteristics of the Ciare tweeter, setting delicate and subtle highlights and showing absolutely no aggressiveness. Additionally, the high frequencies may be tuned gradually by angling the Kama - this is a speaker that can be perfectly adjusted to listening preferences."

More informations on Kama and our DIY-kit

Balance Drive Series by Wavecor

When developing the Balance Drive Series Wavecor focused on the most important aspect of a loudspeaker driver - the drive itself. The motivation for Wavecor is the continuous search for the best sound and by designing the Balanced Drive Series Wavecor's objective was to minimise the harmonic distortion caused by an acoustically asymmetrical drive architecture.

The latest result of years of research are the following WAVECOR drivers:

  • WF120BD01/02 120 mm midrange driver with Nomex diaphragm, available as 4 or 8 Ohm version
  • WF120BD03/04 120 mm midrange driver with paper diaphragm, available as 4 or 8 Ohm version
  • WF152BD01/02 152 mm midrange driver with Nomex diaphragm, available as 4 or 8 Ohm version
  • WF152BD03/04 152 mm midrange driver with paper diaphragm, available as 4 or 8 Ohm version
  • WF182BD01/02 182 mm midrange driver with Nomex diaphragm, available as 4 or 8 Ohm version
  • WF182BD03/04 182 mm midrange driver with paper diaphragm, available as 4 or 8 Ohm version
  • SW182BD01/02 182 mm woofer with aluminium diaphragm, available as 4 or 8 Ohm version


Ciare with new products

The Italian manufacturer Ciare will be releasing new products for the German market also in 2010. Hobby HiFi gave us already a foretaste of what new Ciare drivers are to come and we would like to show you the latest releases. Ciare is a small company where each driver is still hand-crafted. The range of Ciare drivers comprises many models that were designed for very specific applications. Please give us a call should you be interested in a solution for your individual application and require a specific driver tailored to your needs. We'll start with the new full range drivers by Ciare.

New full range driver releases by Ciare:


Kits by Ciare

Ciare HO3.21 Update by Hobby HiFi magazine

The HO 3.21 is a shelf speaker by the CIARE stable. Bernd Timmermanns investigated this kit and shows quite a few top notch improvements.

The kit consists of a HW 203 woofer and PT 383 tweeter. The characteristics of the CIARE HO 3.21 are excellent sound and enormous power handling. The PT 383 has a fabric dome of 38 mm diameter, according to the Hobby HiFi 3/2010 review with a flat frequency response on axis, a superb decay above 1 kHz and extremely low harmonic distortion. Power handling is enormous. The same power handling is displayed by the CIARE HW203, extending only up to 50 Hz.

Those of you who require more bass may build this kit with a 1 m floorstanding cabinet, keeping the width and the depth.

The original CIARE kit was improved by Bernd Timmermanns by incorporating a completely new designed crossover. The revised version shows a considerably more linear frequency response than the original. Decay is without any disturbance and the level of distortion at 90 dB is for a shelf loudspeaker quite low.

Excerpt from the Hobby HiFi review:

"Due to the high rated impedance of 8 Ohm and the high efficiency the HO 3.21 are not demanding too much from an amplifier. Even using affordable amplification the HO 3.21 performs remarkably and produces a lively and sparkling clean sound. The bass stands up showing power and body. "The Cost of Freedom" by Marla Glen is reproduced with a rich, fat and at the same time crystal clear bass foundation. On top of that an extremely wide sound stage develops with flawlessly staggered width and depth. The tops are clear and transparent without any exaggeration, in fact they are rather silky. Needless to say, the top notch amplification plays a major role: with a Horwege modified Cambridge integrated amp loudspeakers unquestionably appear to be into high-end contenders. That's terrific. Sure, with a cut-off frequency of 50 Hz extreme bass cannot be expected; Ray Brown's double bass on "We get Requests" didn't seem to have the mighty bass we usually experience with low bass oriented loudspeakers. It certainly sounded different with our XXLSub (refer to page 8 ff.): the CIARE's bass reflex tubes were covered with polyester wool and the subwoofer was cut-off at 70 Hz and suddenly we were flooded with extreme bass. This, however, is not a mandatory option; even without subwoofer the HO 3.21 reproduce a magnificent sound with remarkable low bass. And nothing changes when the volume is turned up: these speakers keep their composure even at an enormous output. That's why they are perfectly suited for a party or for a small PA."

The technical data of the CIARE HO3.21:

  • impedance: 8 Ohm
  • size (HxWxD): 508 x 248 x 300 mm
  • frequency range (-8dB): 42 - 20000 Hz
  • frequency range (-3dB): 50 - 20000 Hz
  • crossover frequency: 2300 Hz
  • .speaker type: bass reflex cabinet

More informations on Ciare HO 3.21 and our DIY-kit

DCN28 Ground Sound pre-amplifier

Enlarge The new digital stereo pre-amp DCN28 with built-in digital crossover is the solution by Ground Sound for a controlling a stereo loudspeakers.

Originally, the DCN28 pre-amp was planned as a kit and should have given the user mounting and modification options. It soon became clear, however, that a high-end product like the DCN28 pre-amp could only be supplied as finished product. Considering the high demands on manufacturing quality and precision didn't leave room for experiments. Therefore, manufacturing according to the highest specification had to be ensured. The logical consequence was to have the pre-amp built by the developer himself, Robert Sörensen.

Enlarge What are the benefits of the DCN28?

The DCN28 is a digital pre-amplifier with built-in digital 4-way crossover (2 x inputs and 8 x outputs).

With the DCN28 you are able to adjust your loudspeaker according to room conditions.

An existing passive loudspeaker system may be turned into an active system (max. 4-way). As a result any loudspeaker may be set-up according to individual preferences. Even designs that are unimaginable with passive crossovers are now viable with the DCN28. Self-designed systems are now easier and quicker to realise. The easy to understand software and the trouble-free collaboration with the hardware are particularly helpful.

Enlarge The built-in USB interface for connecting a computer simplify the set-up of the DCN28 and allows the tuning of loudspeakers to specific room conditions. The software for setting the crossover is simple and clear, allowing an operation even by inexperienced users. Just in a few steps you will get impressive results. The software for the DCN28 includes a measuring system that may be used to analyse the speaker and the room. Therefore, even asymmetric rooms will provide outstanding Hi-Fi sound. The software communicates with the DCN28 and automatically integrates all measuring results. You don't need to worry about formats or conversions. The analysis of loudspeakers is also available from our analysis service.

The DCN28 pre-amp is unique in the market place and unmatched in sound and manufacturing quality. This device is handmade in Denmark and a perfect symbiosis of software and hardware.

Enlarge     You can now stop looking for perfect sound. Realise your Hi-Fi dream with a DCN28 pre-amp.

Price DCN28 in black - not available (_)

Price DCN28 in silver - not available (_)

for 19 inch racks:
Price DCN28-Rack in black - not available

Price DCN28-Rack in silver - not available (_)

Indiction: Clarity Cap

The MR, PX, SA and ESA series are the result of a two year cooperation between ClarityCap and the Acoustic Research Center of the University of Salford.

The performance of ClarityCap capacitors has improved significantly due to the reduced resonance between the windings of the capacitor. ClarityCap capacitors are manufactured from high-quality polypropylene foil with a thin aluminum film deposition by evaporation. All critical process steps are closely monitored. All ClarityCap capacitors are available in our loudspeaker shop. Extremely small tolerances allow utterly musical enjoyment and result in a well balanced sound system.

You are looking for more informations? Please write us an email.

Bargain of the month

The Eggo1 is a floorstanding speaker reviewed in Klang + Ton 1/2011

A horn of 94 cm diameter supported by an 18 inch woofer: that's the Eggo 1.

The Eggo 1 was already shown at the HiFi Music World in Gelsenkirchen, Germany, as an active loudspeaker (price upon request). For this speaker Thomas Schmidt designed a passive crossover.

For low frequencies the 18 inch woofer Faital 18 FH 500 is used, featuring a driver free air resonance of 30 Hz.

For mid and high frequencies the Audaphon horn H94-2 with 94 cm diameter is employed. The horn is driven by a Faital HF 200.

The crossover is an 18 dB/octave type, whereby the slope is considerably reduced by additional resistors outside the crossover area.

An excerpt from the review in Klang+Ton

... These areas didn't pose any problems during listening; merely recordings with exaggerated tops were reproduced by the Eggo 1 with some presence, like all other neutral sounding speakers. That's precisely the point of interest. Contrary to all expectations by exited listeners regarding such a big project, this speaker's performance is as relaxed and neutral as possible. There is no colored cheekiness, no boom and hiss and, above all, no cheap showmanship. The Eggo 1 is a speaker that can be fed with any kind of music with the volume set to any value - just sit back and relax. The woofer maintains a low profile and contributes its part to the pleasant team play, but can get cracking if the source demands it. This needs to be experienced - a small speaker is just not capable of doing it; even though the lab results prove that the Eggo 1 doesn't have a lot of low bass - the advantage of the enormous surface area comes to light.

The transition from woofer to horn is seamless, timing is perfect, without any impertinence by any driver. Despite its size the loudspeaker performs homogeneously and incredibly relaxed - even at a two meter distance. This unobtrusive style of play even remains when turning up the volume - at times one doesn't even realize how loud the music is; that's how relaxed the Eggo 1 is. Some of our colleagues present seemed to be reminded of the old Voice of the Theater, having had a similar nonchalance - that's certainly a compliment!"

Technical data of the Eggo1:

  • Impedance: 8 Ohm
  • Rated SPL (2.83V/1m): 95 dB
  • Size (HxWxD): 1610 x 1038 x 772 mm
  • Frequency range (-8dB): 32 - 20000 Hz
  • Crossover frequency: 800 Hz
  • Speaker type: bass reflex, horn


    One must have experienced and felt the awesome sound of the Eggo1 to really understand the fascination of such a speaker. We would like to invite you to Karlsruhe to listen to this magnificent loudspeaker. The story of the Eggo 1 starts with a visit to a Bach concert. One of our friends is an opera singer and she asked if there are loudspeakers around that can reproduce her voice at the original level. After a few moments of pondering we decided to do a test in our own listening room. Three tweeters later we realized with dismay that most tweeters are too weak to survive such attacks. We had a few loudspeakers that didn't pose any problems regarding volume, but they didn't have the high frequency power to generate goose-flesh. We needed to find a solution to the problem. A solution that originated from the PA world, with lots of power but also with attention to detail. That's Eggo 1, a loudspeaker performing with lots of power in any department and reproducing any style of music with attention to detail.

More informations on Eggo 1 and our DIY-kit

Price per unit (kit without wooden cabinet) - not available

Special price till 31.12.2010: - no longer available
Price per unit with high end crossover - not available

Special price till 31.12.2010:: - no longer available

Alcone Sub 10-150


More and more customers are asking for a subwoofer where the cone's oscillation is controlled perfectly, reproducing a low bass and mountable in a small cabinet.

These requirements led to the following concept:
Bass driver with a very strong magnet and a very stiff and rigid cone, ensuring a controlled oscillation. A unique low bass control is added. The subwoofer is then combined with an amplification module with a very high power output.

Sub 10-150 is the small brother of Alcone Sub 12. Sub 10-150 is smaller and works like Sub 12. Sub 10 contains a new class D amplifier module, which needs 0.3 Watt in standby operation.

More informations on Sub10-150 and our DIY-kit

Price per unit (kit without wooden cabinet) - not available

Special price till 31.10.2010: - no longer available

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