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Speakers For MP3 Players

The nice thing about a MP3 player or PC is that they are convenient and universal. The MP3 player adds mobility:

Boxen-Anschlussbild Connection to the loudspeakers is simple:
- the MP3 player needs to be connected using a cable with RCA / mini jacks (marked blue in the picture).

What remains to be connected:
- the main speaker (speaker 1) is equipped with an amplifier on the rear side.
- the main speaker needs to be connected to the mains.
- a second speaker (for stereo) may be connected to the stereo amplifier of the main speaker.

What's needed for active speakers?

- Your MP3 player or PC
- An approx. 2 metre long cable for the MP3 player: EUR 6,40 excl. VAT: € 5.38 / $ 5.75
- A loudspeaker cable for the second speaker (per metre): EUR 2,30 excl. VAT: € 1.93 / $ 2.07
- The amplifier (below) and 1 (for mono) or 2 (for stereo) loudspeaker kits (below).
The following speakers are suited for the module:
Alto II   Alto III c   Aria 2   Concorde   Ceram   Visaton Classic 200   CT 200   CT 204   CT 205   Lia MK2   Avior   Starlet   Solitude   VIB 170 AL  
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Matching small subwoofers
Sub 10-80 or Sub 10-150   10 ASW  

Matching medium subwoofers
Sub 10 asw CT 198  

Matching large subwoofers
Alcone Sub 20   Power Sub SPH-380   SPH-450