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Dr. Peter Strassacker
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Speaker building newsletter December 2006
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This time we want to present some interesting customer projects to you.
Unfortunately they are in German (do you have an English project for us?)

PA-Top (Monitor) by Benjamin Jobst

LBT 1121 by Benjamin Jobst is a PA top, very popular and reasonably priced. Have fun!.

high quality subwoofer made of affordable components

Peter Bromberg, who had sent us already some of his building instructions, also designed the AWM 12 subwoofer.
How to go about it and the experiences he made were published by him in a comprehensive report.

Omnidirectional transducer with base mounted subwoofer

Rainer Flock who also designed the Flomini , sent us a very interesting suggestion: the omnidirectional transducer "Flo PallaColonna", to look at it is already a treat ....

Electronics with operational amplifiers

Marcus Stöger (E-mail: mm_stoeger@chello.at) developed a beautifully constructed subwoofer pre-amplifier with operational amplifiers. His manual in PDF format.

Udo Wohlgemuth's ADM

Udo Wohlgemuth's online magazine Acoustic Design Magazine (ADM) becomes bigger. Individual building instructions like NT 13 Neo - a shelf speaker with Newtronics bass driver and Audaphon ribbon tweeter (here is our English short description) (in 2016 deleted because pages don't exist any longer) amount to 18 pages. Additionally, there are basic articles on how to build loudspeakers - and that's always free of charge!

Loudspeaker Development

Loudspeaker with high quality tweeter and classic bass. Not as wide as Cauchy or Cauchy 2 with one resp. two 25 cm bass drivers - but with just a little more bass? Here you are:
Fermat with: Lab Results, and building instruction.

And if you want to know even more here is the Story Of Fermat.
We also have an introductory offer for the kit

Florian 13
Florian 13 is a small, very stable loudspeaker with Newtronics drivers, suitable for many applications.

Actually, this speaker should have been available earlier - so to speak as a Christmas gift for novices in speaker building; we also have an introductory offer.

new kits by Hobby HiFi 6/2006 and 1/2007
This magazine is available at any better newsagent in Germany 4.500 EUR in Germany resp. 5.10/5.20 EUR outside Germany.

Hypergraph TL aus Hobby HiFi 1/07

Hypergraph TL

Hypergraph TL - an outstanding Transmission line floorstander with Expolinear Hypergraph bass driver and Visaton ceramic dome

Harwood Monitor 13 as in Hobby HiFi 1/07

Harwood Monitor 13

Harwood Monitor 13 - Harwood Monitor 13, a small, affordable monitor with magnetostat

Gradient TL as in Hobby HiFi 1/2007

Gradient TL

BPHP-Sub - a band pass subwoofer with Mivoc AW 3000 bass driver and serial capacitor

Topas Plus as in Hobby HiFi 6/06

Topas Plus

Topas Plus - Topas Plus, a slim 3 way floorstander with magnetostat, titanium midrange driver and large bass driver

BPHP Sub as in Hobby HiFi 6/2006


BPHP-Sub - a band pass subwoofer with Mivoc AW 3000 bass driver and serial capacitor

New kits by Klang+Ton 5/2006-1/2007
This magazine is available at any better newsagent in Germany 4.50 EUR in Germany resp. 4.70 EUR outside Germany.

CT 228 as in  Klang+Ton 1/2007

CT 228

CT 228 powerful subwoofer with Monacor driver for small PA like CT 225 and hi-fi.

CT 227 aus K+T 6/2006

CT 227

CT 227 is a PC loudspeaker with Aurasound full range driver

Neo as in Klang+Ton 6/2006


Neo is a portable 12 inch, 2 way PA speaker with Celestion and img drivers.

Schmitti Memorial as in Klang+Ton 6/2006

Schmitti Memorial

Schmitti Memorial is an enormous floorstander in honour of Heinz Schmitt.

Alamo as in Klang+Ton 6/2006


Alamo is a bass reflex shelf speaker with Morel tweeter and Expolinear bass driver.

Versacube as in Klang+Ton 6/2006


Versacube is a sealed cabinet subwoofer with Mivoc bass driver, the basic element for future Klang+Ton projects (see next paragraph).

Versacube aus K+T 1/2007

Versacube with Peerless Top

Versacube with Peerless Top is a full-blown floorstanding speaker, with a bass that can be configured by the end user: with no subwoofer sections, one or two....
Fiesta25 as in Klang+Ton 1/2007

Fiesta 25

Fiesta 25 is a speaker with powerful and tight bass, with lots of dynamics coming from midrange and tweeter horns.

Direkt 1

Direkt 1 is a Tangband point source and a notable achievement by Thorsten Fischer.

Hightower as in Klang+Ton 5/2006


Hightower is a tall and slim floorstander with magnetostat, two midrange domes and two Peerless bass drivers.

Triple Play as in Klang+Ton 5/2006

Triple Play

Triple Play is a floorstanding speaker with Monacor drivers, tight bass, providing a lot of fun.

Asparago as in Klang+Ton 5/2006


Asparago is a 1.83 m tall speaker and represents a rather unconventional design, containing a Ciare HX 160, producing 92 dB SPL (2.83V,1m)


Temperance III (no longer available) is a real jewel by Harald Hecken/Newtronics, also available as a finished speaker. It's plain and simple, possesses excellent omnidirectinal properties and is very popular with many of our customers.

new kits by ADM published by Udo Wohlgemuth September 2006
The magazine is published every odd month

NT 52 as in ADM 9/2006

Newtronics NT 52

Newtronics NT 52 - a slim transmission line by Udo Wohlgemuth.

ADM MS2 as in ADM 9/2006

MS2 MK2006

MS2 MK2006 a small shelf speaker with Seas drivers W 151 Al and KT 27 G.

ADM MS5 as in ADM 9/2006

MS5 MK2006

MS5 MK2006 is a floorstander with Seas drivers W 151 Al, KT 27 G and CA 260 AL..

Eton Maxi as in ADM 9/2006

Eton Maxi

Eton Maxi is a 2 way floorstander with Eton ER4 and 20 cm bass driver.
Firsttime 3 as in ADM 9/2006

Firsttime 3

Firsttime 3 is a compact solution for MP3 players, consisting of a 4 channel amplifier and a case with subwoofer and removable satellites.

Coax 12 as in ADM 9/2006

Coax 12

Coax 12 with PA coax driver BM-12 CX 38 by P.Audio in a massive cabinet.

Coax 12 as in ADM 9/2006

Mystery Center/FONT>

Mystery Center is a small PA/party speaker, originally designed for home cinema.

Stra To floorstanding loudspeaker

Stra To (Strassacker Tower) is a jack-of-all-trades floorstanding speaker, satellite and centre; pictured is the satellite on a pedestal. The speaker is equipped with an Alcone bass/midrange driver and an AC 15 dome tweeter, reminiscent of the Peerless WA 10, but with higher efficiency.

Do you fancy a speaker design that is not listed?

Please send us an E-mail with your requirements: peter@lautsprechershop.de

Special offers for new and obsolete speakers, amplifiers and subwoofers

Introductory offer for Fermat
Fermat is a very efficient 2 1/2 way bass reflex speaker with two 20 cm bass drivers and an highly efficient Alcone tweeter. This new kit (see above) is available at a special price, valid until 31/1/2007.
Special price per speaker without cabinet: - no longer available
Fermat Introductory offer for Florian 13
Florian 13 is, considering its size, a remarkably solid 2 way bass reflex speaker with 13 cm bass driver and a Newtronics HT 26 tweeter.
This kit is available at a special price, valid until 31/1/2007 - no longer available
Casablanca 3 Visaton kit Casablanca III (German description) - as long as stocks last
Casablanca 3 is a beautiful designer speaker (discontinued) with GF 200 bass driver and with fabric midrange and tweeter dome.
Special offer per pair without cabinet: - no longer available
Noblesse Visaton kit Noblesse (German description) - as long as stocks last
Noblesse is a mighty floorstanding speaker. The tweeter is surrounded by 2 AL 130 midrange drivers and 2 GF 200 bass drivers ensuring outstanding three-dimensionality.
Special offer per pair without cabinet: - no longer available

News from all over the world - DIY amplifiers

After long investigation we decided to go for a DIY brand that we will distribute with immediate effect:

Ground Sound

All components are made in Denmark and are easy to work with since:

- the digital signal processor is easy to set-up
- the power amplifiers are extremely phase stable and powerful (100,300 and 600 Watt continuous)
- A range of cabinets and sets are available.

In addition, Omnes Audio solutions are available for your subwoofer

Ground Sound

Report on the DIY Fair (Selbstbaumesse) in Gelsenkirchen, Germany

From November 10th to 12th, 2006 the DIY Fair took place in Gelsenkirchen. The crowds were overwhelming.

At the fair our preferred cabinetmaker offered a voucher that we don't want to withhold from you. Christian Emrich is one of the most competent and motivated cabinetmakers we know.

Alcone Subwoofer: the best selling high-end DIY subwoofers

Alcone Subs Model   Size (HxWxD)
in cm  
from frequency
(-8 dB)  
max. SPL   recommended
room size/b>  
Sub 8S 34 x 26 x 38 60/100 W 34 Hz 104 dB 6-16 m2
Sub 8 *) 38 x 26 x 38 80/160 W 27 Hz 101 dB 5-10 m2
Sub 10S 41 x 32 x 37 150/300 W 33 Hz 106 dB 8-20 m2
.. +Slave 41 x 32 x 37 150/300 W 33 Hz 112 dB 25-50 m2
Sub 12 *) 50 x 38 x 39 300/600 W 24 Hz 111 dB 20-40 m2
Sub 12 DSP *) 50 x 38 x 39 360/460 W 24 Hz 111 dB 20-40 m2
Alcone Subs Sub 28 *) 64 x 26 x 38 150/300 W 27 Hz 109 dB 12-30 m2
Sub 22 *) 94 x 38 x 39 500/1000 W 24 Hz 116 dB 40-75 m2
Sub 22 DSP *) 94 x 38 x 39 360/460 W 24 Hz 115 dB 40-75 m2
Sub 40 DSP *) 136 x 32 x 43 500/800 W 40 Hz 105/119 dB 6-25/60-1202
Sub 42 DSP *) 184 x 38 x 39 1100/1700 W 23 Hz 122 dB 100-180 m2
  and the following with Alcone drivers with silver aluminium sandwich diaphragm
Alcone Subs Sub 8 ASW 34 x 26 x 38 60/120 W 58 Hz 100 dB 6-12 m2
Sub 10 ASW 48 x 38 x 38 60/120 W 30 Hz 104 dB 6-16 m2
Sub 10 48 x 38 x 38 90/180 W 30 Hz 104 dB 6-16 m2
Sub 20 85 x 35 x 45 150/300 W 27 Hz 111 dB 20-40 m2
*) Subwoofer with best control over the diaphragm → best sound quality, slightly more low bass

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