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Dr. Peter Strassacker
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Speaker building newsletter April 2006
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Placement Of Home Cinema Speakers - how many do you need? What's important to know about it?

This question was answered in an Interview with many pictures

If you want to use more than one subwoofer there is another discussion about subwoofers.

Flomini - or how to design a rounded cabinet similar to a horn

Horn with Cantare or Tangband full range drivers. Rainer Flock's beautiful pictures showing how to build horns with curved geometry (unfortunately its only in German language).

Also available the building instruction and the kit

Our thanks to Rainer Flock's, ( range of products and their prices.

Flomini von Rainer Flock

280 speaker kits but no 3 way shelf speaker with big woofer inside?

Cauchy The Cauchy was designed with those customers in mind who prefer shelf speakers that are not taller than 65 cm, but still have a powerful bass. Here it is the story of Cauchy ...

3 way shelf speaker Cauchy - faccording to the French mathematician Cauchy
Here are:
- Cauchy description
- Cauchy lab results
- Cauchy building instruction
... and an early bird offer

Home cinema and bass

Annaud's "The Name Of The Rose" takes place in 1327, where Franciscan Monk William Baskerville (Sean Connery) and his novice Adson von Melk (Christian Slater) travel to a Benedictine Abbey. Strange murders are happening there: a monk falls out of a tower window, the corpse of another monk is found in a tub full of pig's blood. This thriller, written by Umberto Eco has been adapted exquisitely for the screen. Eerie scenes are accompanied, as it happens often, by a low frequency rumbling that makes the room shake.

For a 40 m2 home cinema a subwoofer with 2 x 30 cm drivers is just right. We used the Alcone Sub 22 which adequate for home cinema volumes. If you only play movies then the Newtronics Sub 15 or the Eckekarrt is also OK. These two deliver clearly more bass, but are not well suited for hi-fi. For a critical room with resonance we recommend a DSP controlled subwoofer like the Alcone Sub 22 DSP that helps suppressing critical frequencies with parametric equaliser (can be done using a PC).

Selected kits as in Klang+Ton issue 2 and 3/2006
This magazine is available at any larger German newsagent or abroad for EUR 4.70.

Quadro in Klang+Ton 02/06

Visaton Quadro

QUADRO is a loudspeaker with high efficiency even at lower frequencies. To achieve this a large diaphragm has to be used and that requires a large cabinet. 4 x B200 full range drivers were fitted into the Quadro.

Eckeharrt aus Klang+Ton 2/2006


Subwoofer with enormous reserves: it's a subwoofer with 18 inch driver, designed for corner placement with almost unlimited volume. Should this be not enough, then just put a second Eckeharrt in another corner.

Coax 18 aus Klang+Ton 2/2006

Coax 18

Coax 18 is a Seas coax system, available either:
- as a satellite (the coax) in a bass reflex cabinet
- as satellite with bass driver and passive crossover
- as satellite with bass driver and 2 active subwoofer modules.

CT 223 aus Klang+Ton 2/2006

CT 223

The CT 223 is a small 2 way transmission line where the two bass drivers in parallel are surrounding the tweeter. All drivers are by Omnes Audio: the T 2.01 tweeter and the MW 5.01 PC bass driver - a lot of sound going for a song!

Descartes 2 aus Klang+Ton 2/2006

Descartes II

If realistic performance, three-dimensionality, dynamics, precision and high efficiency are required from a loudspeaker, then the excellent Descartes II should be mentioned. Due to a subwoofer amplifier the speaker's bass may be adjusted according to the room conditions. All these abilities caused Klang+Ton to nickname the Descartes II jack-of-all-trades.

Studio 12 XL aus Klang+Ton 3/2006

Studio 12 XL

Axel Oberhage presented his new Studio 12 XL in Klang+Ton. So far we regarded the Studio 12 with D2904/9800 as one of the best shelf speakers available. Many of our customers confirmed this, when they were looking for kits or finished speakers regardless of price.

CT 224 aus Klang+Ton 3/2006

CT 224

CT 224 is a small satellite / subwoofer system with Monacor drivers. This slim set is, nevertheless, quite powerful.

New kits as in Hobby HiFi 2 and 3/2006
This magazine is available at any larger German newsagent or abroad for EUR 5.10.

COA 61 XT in Hobby HiFi 02/06

COA 61 XT Sat and Sub

Coax loudspeaker with subwoofer by Gerd Lommersum. The coax driver is a Vifa bass driver designed by Gerd Lommersum with a XT 300 inserted; acoustically this is a treat.

F A S T aus Hobby HiFi 2/2006


Bernd Timmermanns called these two speakers Fast,standing for Full Range And Subwoofer Technology. This is a system comprising full range drivers with integrated subwoofer.

Standbox von Andreas Stein in Hobby HiFi 3/2006

Floorstanding speaker designed by Andreas Stein

in German language: A floorstanding speaker with Hi-Vi/Swan RT-2c ribbon and two Vifa midrange / bass drivers in a sealed cabinet.

DiSub 18/2 in Hobby HiFi 3/2006

DiSub 18/2

Disub 18/2 is dipolar subwoofer designed by Bernd Timmermanns. It well suited for a music room where the sub is best placed in the centre between the front speakers and about 2 metres away from the rear wall. This dipole can keep up with conventional subwoofers regarding efficiency.

Dacapo in Hobby HiFi 3/2006


Dacapo is an planar radiator designed by Bernd Timmermanns equipped with a reasonably priced Ciare CH 250 full range driver boasting a high efficiency of 98 dB (2.83V, 1 metre).

Which loudspeaker would you like?

After the Audaphon data sheets have been published the question comes up: which type of loudspeaker should we design using these drivers? - Or, do you wish to design totally different speakers that are not available yet from us (...wide cabinets with 30 cm bass driver, like they used to be in 1960, or...)? Here are the data sheets:
Model/Type Data Sheet Price/Unit
Audaphon JP 3.0 PDF data sheet EUR - not available
Audaphon Neo CD 3.0 PDF data sheet EUR - not available
Audaphon JP 2.0 PDF data sheet EUR - not available
Audaphon Neo CD 2.0 PDF data sheet EUR - not available
Audaphon Neo Pro 5i PDF data sheet EUR 399,00

Please send your request per E-mail to:

Kimber Cable Specials

Kimber 4 VS Kimber 4 VS - Special up to 31/01/2006
The black / white Kimber 4 VS is, according to our Loudspeaker Cable Theory, one of the best cables available. We are offering this cable at a special price.

Kimber 4 VS, special per metre: - no longer available

Special conditions for dealers

Specials for new and old speaker, amplifier and subwoofer models

Cauchy Cauchy - early bird offer till 31.5.2006
The Cauchy was designed with those customers in mind who prefer shelf speakers that are not taller than 65 cm, but still have a powerful bass.
Special offer, per unit (without cabinet): - no longer available
Sub 40

Introductory offer for the Alcone Sub 30, with DT110 MK II - Special up to 02/11/2009.

Subwoofer has been replaced by Sub 40 with Hypex Fusion FA501

Sub 10 Alcone Sub 10 with DT 110 MK II - Special up to02/11/2009
Sub 10 - with amplifier module DT 110 MK II should the Sub 30 be too big for you. This sub usually goes for 399 EUR. We have an Easter special...
Special per speaker without cabinet: - no longer available
VOX 252 Visaton VOX 252 kit - while stocks last
VOX 252 is beautiful, slim speaker with a lot of bass. Equipped with Visaton drivers (original Visaton kit).
Special per pair without cabinet: - no longer available
Casablanca 3 Visaton Casablanca III kit - while stocks last
Casablanca 3 is a beautiful designer speaker (obsolete) with GF 200 bass driver and fabric midrange and dome tweeter.
Special per pair without cabinet: - no longer available
Noblesse Visaton Noblesse kit - while stocks last
Noblesse is a large floorstanding speaker where the tweeter is surrounded by 2 AL 130 midrange drivers and 2 GF 200 bass drivers, resulting in excellent three-dimensionality.
Special per pair without cabinet: - no longer available

News from all over the world: Subwoofer from Visaton

Visaton introduces 4 new subwoofers in April 2006 (the first is added for completeness):
Sub T25.50

Model Size (HxWxD)
in cm in cm
from frequency
(-8 dB)
max. SPL   recommended room size  
SUB T 20.39 40 x 32 x 43 max. 120 28 Hz 103 dB 6-14 m2
SUB T 25.30 40 x 32,4 x 40 max. 200 35 Hz 110 dB 16-35 m2
SUB T 25.50 45 x 32,4 x 45 max. 200 28 Hz 110 dB 16-35 m2
SUB T 30.60 52 x 37,5 x 50 max. 300 34 Hz 113 dB 30-60 m2
SUB TL 30 215 x 56,1 x 56,1 max. 600 19 Hz 113 dB 30-60 m2

Alcone Subwoofer: the best selling high-end DIY subwoofers

Alcone Subs Model   Size (HxWxD)
in cm  
from frequency
(-8 dB)  
max. SPL   recommended
room size/b>  
Sub 8S 34 x 26 x 38 60/100 W 34 Hz 104 dB 6-16 m2
Sub 8 *) 38 x 26 x 38 80/160 W 27 Hz 101 dB 5-10 m2
Sub 10S 41 x 32 x 37 150/300 W 33 Hz 106 dB 8-20 m2
.. +Slave 41 x 32 x 37 150/300 W 33 Hz 112 dB 25-50 m2
Sub 12 *) 50 x 38 x 39 300/600 W 24 Hz 111 dB 20-40 m2
Sub 12 DSP *) 50 x 38 x 39 360/460 W 24 Hz 111 dB 20-40 m2
Alcone Subs Sub 28 *) 64 x 26 x 38 150/300 W 27 Hz 109 dB 12-30 m2
Sub 22 *) 94 x 38 x 39 500/1000 W 24 Hz 116 dB 40-75 m2
Sub 22 DSP *) 94 x 38 x 39 360/460 W 24 Hz 115 dB 40-75 m2
Sub 30 DSP *) 105 x 32 x 43 360/460 W 40 Hz 104/118 dB 6-20/50-1002
Sub 42 DSP *) 184 x 38 x 39 1100/1700 W 23 Hz 122 dB 100-180 m2
  and the following with Alcone drivers with silver aluminium sandwich diaphragm
Alcone Subs Sub 8 ASW 34 x 26 x 38 60/120 W 58 Hz 100 dB 6-12 m2
Sub 10 ASW 48 x 38 x 38 60/120 W 30 Hz 104 dB 6-16 m2
Sub 10 48 x 38 x 38 90/180 W 30 Hz 104 dB 6-16 m2
Sub 20 85 x 35 x 45 150/300 W 27 Hz 111 dB 20-40 m2
*) Subwoofer with best control over the diaphragm → best sound quality, slightly more low bass

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