Passive PA speakers: Subwoofers

Premium professional PA cabinet subwoofer, 2,000 WMAX, 1,000 WRMS, 8 Ω, MEGA-118SUB

The modern professional PA speaker systems of the MEGA series impress by the application of top-quality materials and the use of brand speakers from Beyma and Celestion. The cabinets are made of birch plywood of superior workmanship. With this design, the MEGA series is suitable for (almost) any event.
Premium professional PA cabinet subwoofer, 2,000 WMAX, 1,000 WRMS, 8 Ω
  • Subwoofer system
  • Cabinet made of birch plywood
  • Durable two-component PU coating
  • 46 cm (18", Celestion) high-performance bass speaker with diecast aluminium basket
  • Bass-reflex system
  • 2 x NEUTRIK SPEAKON terminal, in/out
  • Rubber feet
  • Mounting holes for mounting optional castors
  • M20 mounting plate (recommended spacer tube: KM-21367, available at option)

Beat 01/2012
"Two MEGA-112 as top parts as well as one MEGA-118SUB were brought to the test. We used the power amplifiers STA-600 and STA-1400 for the top parts in bi-amping and the STA-1000 for the bass reproduction. For the functional control, we applied the digital speaker management DSM-260. The units were tested in a small factory building ... it featured many windows, a concrete floor and several tiled surfaces, allowing the high frequencies to show no mercy ... however, with the precise equalizers of the DSM-260, we were able to tame these very quickly ... the unit allows to optimise the sound quickly and intuitively ... we turned the volume up and achieved an impressive performance. The subwoofer is very stable and provides a really powerful sound. The MEGA-112 impresses by a really well-balanced sound. Full and dynamic dance music with a really great sound can thus be achieved. This PA system is able to easily provide a professional sound for 400 guests, even for the more sophisticated listener. Thumbs up. The selected PA combination is very suitable for everyone performing at temporary locations."
"The features of this speaker system include a high quality and a high reliability. The MEGA-118SUB does exactly what it was built for: to provide both a clear and reliable bass reproduction as well as a dynamic and powerful sound."
tastenwelt 06/2011
"Clear voices, a solid and an amazingly balanced deep bass reproduction and a system with a very well-balanced sound ... solid design ... high-quality components ... the system amplifier STA-1603CLUB with three power amplifiers, integrated limiters, subsonic filters and a tunable crossover network provides everything from one source to become an ideal partner for the MEGA set ... this solution deserves the rating: plug&play." (Test setup: MEGA-112 and MEGA-118SUB with STA-1603CLUB)
tools4music 05/2011
"The MEGA-118SUB also features a good price-performance ratio. The cabinet adequately enhances the benefits of the top-class speaker."
  • System: bass-reflex
  • Bass speaker: 46 cm (18", FTR18-4080HDX)
  • Tweeter: -
  • Power capabilities:
  • Music power: 2,000 WMAX
  • Power rating: 1,000 WRMS
  • General information:
  • Impedance: 8 Ω
  • Frequency range: 30-200 Hz
  • SPL (1 W/1 m): 97 dB
  • Max. rated SPL: 126 dB
  • Admiss. ambient temp.: 0-40 °C
  • Dimensions: 700x570x590 mm
  • Inputs: 1 x NEUTRIK SPEAKON
  • Outputs: 1 x NEUTRIK SPEAKON
  • Weight: 47 kg

Price per unit   (Order No. mo-090080) EUR 992,77 excl. VAT: € 834.26 / $ 901.00

Professional subwoofer, 1,200 WMAX, 600 WRMS/8 Ω or 2 Ω or 2 x 600 WMAX, 2 x 300 WRMS/4 Ω, CLUB-1SUB

The CLUB System from IMG Stage Line: Compact full range speaker, subwoofer and amplifier perfectly matched to each other and in combination provide a top-quality performance. Considering the dimensions and price, they are simply fascinating! The units of the CLUB series from IMG Stage Line provide unique possibilities, whether applied individually or together with other PA products of highest quality! The perfect central power unit for various PA systems capable of high volumes. Ideally suited for clubs and lounges, trendy bars and restaurants, PA applications in function rooms, music pubs, dancing schools, gyms with exercise rooms, etc. The 3-channel concept of extra high power capability with variable frequency filters and various connecting facilities allows for a variety of different system concepts.
Professional subwoofer, 1,200 WMAX, 600 WRMS/8 Ω or 2 Ω or 2 x 600 WMAX, 2 x 300 WRMS/4 Ω
  • 4 x 20 cm (8") top-class woofer
  • Slim and compact design
  • Variable impedance concept (switchable between 1 x 8 Ω and 2 x 4 Ω, for parallel connection in the 2 x 4 Ω position as 1 x 2 Ω)
  • High-quality lacquered MDF cabinet, full front grille with acoustic foam
  • An amplifier with integrated or external active crossover network is required for operation

discret 02/2011
"Above all, the CLUB system impresses by a sophisticated concept for a high flexibility, reliability and a solid quality with high level reserves. The system surely provides a high power capability, great features and a good workmanship for its price and the sound is more than adequate for many applications in the scene gastronomy and club gastronomy, even of high requirements.
tools4music 01/2011
"The powerful power amplifier and the slimline bass speaker can even impress bass-enthusiastic ravers."
+ Good workmanship
+ Slimline design
+ Impedance selection
Beat 69, 07-08/2011
"A multi-purpose system showing high stability and reliability in continuous operation. The small satellites provide an assertively pleasant sound. The subwoofers feature a dynamic and full sound. The CLUB system ensures sophisticated, compact and reliable PA applications of high quality at a fair price."
"A slimline column speaker with a well-balanced bass reproduction and impedance selection."
With its exceptionally high power capability and a perfect sound, one CLUB-1SUB is sufficient already to provide such an extended bass reproduction that even several top parts, e.g. like the CLUB-1TOP which is a perfect combination can ideally be complemented. In case of particularly high level requirements in the bass range, it is possible to connect up to three CLUB-1SUB units without any problems, e.g. to the mono sub channel of the STA-1603CLUB (each in the 8 Ω mode, all in parallel). In 2 x 4 Ω operation, the CLUB-1SUB is of course also an ideal partner for other multichannel amplifiers or every suitable 2-channel subwoofer amplifier.
  • System: bass-reflex subwoofer
  • Bass speaker: 4 x 20 cm (8")
  • Tweeter: -
  • Music power: 1,200 WMAX
  • Power rating: 600 WRMS
  • Impedance: 8 Ω/2 x 4 Ω/2 Ω
  • Frequency range: 45-250 Hz
  • SPL (1 W/1 m): 96 dB
  • Max. rated SPL: 122 dB
  • Admiss. ambient temp.: 0-40 °C
  • Dimensions: 300x880x440 mm
  • Inputs: 1 x or 2 x NEUTRIK SPEAKON, switchable
  • Outputs: -
  • Weight: 29.5 kg

Price per unit   (Order No. mo-252480) EUR 607,19 excl. VAT: € 510.24 / $ 551.06

Subwoofer in 100V line technique EUL-2SUB/SW

This series of speaker systems including subwoofer from MONACOR sets standards in the modern PA technology: high-quality lacquered cabinets of a perfect design, lightweight but robust and of high power capability, with an amazing sound and a high efficiency, the EUL-2... with professional 100 V technology. Real PA speaker systems for versatile applications at a very attractive price.
Subwoofer in 100V line technique
  • High-quality cabinet with durable PU coating
  • 30 cm (12") bass speaker for a deep and dynamic bass reproduction
  • SPEAKON connections (input and sat out/par. out)
  • The design and high efficiency perfectly match the EUL-2/SW, but it is also suitable as an addition to many other 100 V systems
  • Built-in crossover network (low-pass) allows a reproduction of bass frequencies which can normally not be located
  • Please ensure that the 100 V amplifier provides sufficient power capabilities!
Matching adapter piece for speaker system PAST-28/SW is available at option.
  • Power capabilities:
  • 100 V operation: 120/90/60/30 WRMS
  • 8 Ω operation: -
  • General information:
  • Frequency range: 38-250 Hz
  • SPL (1 W/1 m): 95 dB
  • Admiss. ambient temp.: 0-40 °C
  • Dimensions: 420x430x445 mm
  • Weight: 19.5 kg
  • Connections: 1 x SPEAKON IN, 1 x SPEAKON par. out/sat out

Price per unit   (Order No. mo-174460) EUR 642,15 excl. VAT: € 539.62 / $ 582.79